CA: Chardonnay Travelers

Bodega Bay RV Park
Bodega Bay, CA
June 24-27
Chardonnay Travelers

People gathering for meals and playing games.

It has become apparent that we may still be finding that some RV Parks are NOT willing or able to open back up their clubhouses due to the ongoing issues caused by Covid-19.  Our co-hosts decided to plan for a “retro-style” campout with group gatherings and meals outside.  It’s funny how this now seems strange without the friendly clubhouses that we are usually used to.  Oh, well…we will travel on!  Since we didn’t have access to the clubhouse at Bodega Bay, we all set-up tables and chairs in the grassy area behind our rigs and proceeded with our planned outing.  Though it was perhaps a little chilly sometimes, for the most part the weather wasn’t bad – a mixture of fog and sunshine mixed-in with a little wind.  As usual, it was nice getting a chance to visit with everyone and just be social. 

Thursday was arrival and setting-up time.  That night we all brought our own meals to the group tables and ate as a group.  Our co-hosts, Bob & Gloria Anderson and Milt & Carol Wallace did their best to provide us with information regarding places to explore and restaurants that were near-by.   And, for those not interested in going far…staying in the park and being social was also on the list.  Each-to-their-own!  Thanks, you did a great job!

Friday was a free-day for people to explore the area.  In the afternoon, our hosts brought out the outdoor equipment and some of us played corn-hole on the lawn area behind our rigs.  Others continued the social discussion.  That night our hosts prepared a wonderful tri-tip dinner along with food items provide by the participants.  It was a wonderful dinner and our chefs did a great job of cooking the meat “on the Barbie!”  Thanks, everyone!  As the fog rolled-in that night, the movie that was planned for was cancelled due to the chilly weather.  Another time…

Saturday started off with a Chapter Meeting led by our President, Fred Bryner.  Vice-President, Art Schipper, discussed the outing schedule for the remainder of 2021.  Art & Fred also discussed the proposed outing schedule for 2022.  Art sent out this schedule to all members via e-mail on 6/22/21 so everyone should be aware of the revised outing schedule and that there are several outings still needing co-hosts.  Art also discussed the duties of Member/Wagon Master (co-host) and advised that everyone reviews those duties at the Chardonnay Travelers website (   After the Club Meeting, several of our members opted to play corn-hole and other outdoor games.  That night our group carpooled to Valley Ford to have dinner-out at Dinucci’s Italian Restaurant.  Due to cold weather, the game of Left/Right/Center that was scheduled back at the group area at the park afterwards was cancelled.  More fog…so is that a surprise by the ocean?  Sunday morning our hosts provided a “Get Away Breakfast” and then everyone packed-up and started on their way home. 

The outing was pleasant and it was nice to visit with everyone!  If anyone is interested in joining us at one of our outings please feel free to check in on our Chardonnay Travelers Website (  If you would like to join us anytime this year please contact Fred Bryner, President, at [email protected].   We would love to have you join us!




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