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Chardonnay Travelers

“Giving Thanks”

Almond Tree RV Park
Chico, CA 
November 17-20, 2022

Each year our club plans a Thanksgiving meal at the club outing in November. This year we had it at the Almond Tree RV Park in Chico, CA. Though this outing turned out to be fairly small, with several of our members off to other places to visit family and friends, we still had a pleasant get-together and a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for all that attended. The Almond Tree RV Park is nicely set-up with a large clubhouse equipped with a nice kitchen, plenty of tables and chairs, a swimming pool, and a nice gazebo. The weather was crisp and clear for the most part and the fall colors decorated the Chico community in grand style!

Members at clubhouse

The outing started on Thursday (Nov. 17th) with arrivals in the early afternoon. At 5pm everyone met in the clubhouse for fellowship and Hobo Stew where everyone brought something to add to the stew pot. Garlic bread, green salad, and dessert were provided by our hosts (Sue Chambers, Mike Powers, and Sandy & Art Schipper). After dinner conversation and camaraderie continued.

Friday (Nov. 18th) started with breakfast and lunch on your own, followed by the club chapter meeting. In the early afternoon, we met again back in the clubhouse for a game of Corn Hole. Johnnie Zinck & Sue Chambers, with a grand total of 68, won the match! Congrats to you both!  At 5pm we caravanned over to the Italian Cottage for dinner out. Upon our return, Sue showed one of her favorite movies, “Christmas Vacation”.  

Playing corn hole

Saturday (Nov. 19th) started with breakfast on your own. Then, at 10am, we caravanned to the Chico History Museum for a presentation by Anthropology Professor, Keith Johnson, entitled “Investigating Chico’s Century-Old Civil War Monument” which is located in the Chico Cemetery.  After the presentation, several explored downtown Chico and got lunch. Later in the early afternoon, some attended a craft activity to make felt Christmas napkin rings. Gay Bryner was the instructor/helper. The napkin rings turned out nicely.

Christmas napkin ring craft

Our hosts worked busily that afternoon to cook two turkeys and the gravy. The other side dishes /desserts were provided by the participants. No one went home hungry that evening and the meal turned out nicely!  Thank you to everyone!    

Members preparing meal

Departure was set for Sunday (Nov. 20th) morning, and everyone packed up and started home after a pleasant weekend.  “Happy Thanksgiving to All!”

If you should happen to be curious about our group and would like to visit one of our outings please contact our President, Carol Kenyon, at [email protected]. Check out our “Calendar of Events for 2023 at our website at Hope to see you soon!


Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers





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