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Chardonnay Travelers
Bodega Bay RV Park
June 16 - 19, 2022

On June 16-19, 2022 the Chardonnay Travelers had their June outing at the Bodega Bay RV Park in Bodega Bay, California.  Even though the weather reports predicted wind and fog we ended up being lucky with only some fog at night and just a little wind during the days.  It ended up being a really nice week end after all.  The California coast can be beautiful with trees and coastal meadows with wild flowers dotting the cliffs and gullies with sandy beaches covered with driftwood and agate beaches with tide pools. For those too young to remember the movie, The Birds, Bodega Bay is supposed to be the location where the birds turned against the local humans by attacking them from the school play structures, trees, buildings, power lines, and through windows & chimneys OH, MY!!  Luckily, they all seemed happy with the humans this week end!

The Bodega Bay RV Park is setup up just along Hwy 1 in Bodega Bay, CA with access to walking paths down to the Marina and along the coastline.  The park has two clubhouses, the largest being the one that our group was able to use.  With clubhouse access, our club was able to set up for meals at night, arts & crafts activities, and a movie, The Birds, one night.  Great fun!

Group dining at a restaurant

On Friday several of our members car-pooled in to Santa Rosa to visit the Charles Schultz Museum.  Our Docent/Guide was very well versed about information regarding the wonders of Charles Schultz’s Snoopy Comic Strips.  He took us through parts of the museum and explained how Schultz’s cartoon characters developed and grew through the years.  He explained to us a time-line of how different characters came in-&-out of the storyline of Snoopy Comic Strips.

People touring museum

Both the “Welcome Dinner” on Thursday and the “Pot Luck Dinner” on Saturday were planned and prepared by our Co-Hosts, Penny & Robert Burns and Scott & Carol Kenyon.

People gathering for a meal indoors

Penny Burns also organized and taught a “July Fireworks Table Craft” activity on Saturday.  It was great fun and everyone was able to create a really nice table center piece to take home for their 4th of July decorations.  Thanks, Penny & Robert!

People participating in a craft at tables

If you should be interested in attending any of our future outings please contact our President, Fred Bryner, at [email protected]. Check out our “Calendar of Events” at our website at Hope to see you soon! 

Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers




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