CA: Chardonnay Travelers

“Fiesta Together” CalWIT State Meeting
Golden Village Palms Resort, Hemet, CA
January 19-23, 2022

Chardonnay Travelers

    Seven (7) rigs from the Chardonnay Travelers had planned to attend the first State CalWIT Meeting of the new year.  Everyone had made plans for table decorations and all of the fun activities that the agenda listed.  But, several of our attendees (including the President, Vice President, Secretary, & Past President), due to health issues, were unable to attend at the last minute.   Unfortunately, that left only four (4) rigs attending instead.  Because of this, our club meeting was cancelled.

*Gene Mullen saved the day by taking a few pictures for our news article.  Thanks, Gene!


Sue Chambers, President (from Chardonnay Travelers); Bruce Browne, First VP(from San Diego
Rolling Homes); Diane Davis, Secretary/Treasurer (from Five Star Winnebagos)

Bob Jehle shuffling raffle tickets        

Sue Chambers doing what she does best.