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Happy Holidays from the Chardonnay Travelers!
The Point Restaurant - Rio Vista, CA

Group gathered at table eating together.

On Sunday, December 5, 2021 the Chardonnay Travelers met at the Point Restaurant in Rio Vista for their annual Christmas luncheon.  There were 19 members and 1 Honorary Member present.  Everyone enjoyed their meals and the friendly camaraderie shared by all. It was a pleasant afternoon for enjoying friends and watching boats of many sizes moving slowly down the Sacramento River towards San Francisco and the ocean.  Always a nice place to come and visit with friends.

Two couples standing together.

When the meal was done, we all got to celebrate the anniversaries of two of our club’s couples with decorated cakes.  It was the first anniversary for Debbie & Johnny Zinck and the seventieth anniversary for Leora & Johnnie Matranga! Congratulations to you all from your friends of the Chardonnay Travelers!

Two men standing together.

With the new year comes new Chardonnay Travelers Club Officers. Our new officers for 2022 are: Fred Bryner, President; Carol Kenyon, Vice President; Bob Jehle, Treasurer; Gayle Bryner, Secretary; & Scott Kenyon will continue on as Past President ( for one more year). 

Group of people with their hands in the air taking oath.

Congratulations to our new officers!

Respectfully submitted by Gayle Bryner

Chardonnay Travelers, Secretary



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