CA: Chardonnay Travelers

November 2019
Almond Tree RV Park, Chico

Chardonnay Travelers, CA

It is Turkey Time!  Fall has finally come-and-gone and winter is slowly creeping into place here in the Northern California area with the cold and wet of winter becoming part of our weather.  Winter is on its way!

In November 14-17, again with some of our members off exploring parts of the US & the World, the Chardonnay Travelers celebrated their annual club Thanksgiving Celebration in Chico.  It turned out to be a beautiful pleasant weekend with mild weather. The event was scheduled at the Almond Tree RV Park with a nicely maintained and set-up RV park with a well equipped clubhouse complex.  There were 10 rigs (19) attending with two Guest rigs (3) and three Honorary Members (3) attending as well…all-in-all a nice turn-out! 

Thursday evening’s “welcome dinner” featured lasagna, salad, & garlic bread from a local Pasta restaurant in Chico which was really wonderful! Friday’s schedule included a private guided tour of Bidwell Mansion lead by a California Park Ranger.  Ranger Pubols was very informative and explained how the Bidwell family & the Chico area was involved in California’s history.  He did a really great job and it was well worth the time! The remaining afternoon was scheduled as free-time to explore Chico. Later that evening, the group carpooled over to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner out. 

Saturday events included the regular club meeting in the morning.  At the meeting two new members were voted-in, Ray & Pam Hight.  Welcome, Ray & Pam!  Also, after the meeting, another visitor, Colleen McCabe, indicated that she too wished to join the Chardonnay Travelers!  Colleen will be voted-in to our club at the upcoming Christmas Luncheon meeting in Rio Vista in December.  Welcome, Colleen! (ahead of time)  That evening, we had our annual Turkey Dinner.   The roast turkey & gravy was prepared by Outing Hosts: Fred & Gay Bryner, and Bob & Mary Jehle.  The rest of the meal was pot-lucked side-dishes, salads & desserts brought by club members.  The meal was really GREAT! 

During the outing, several members worked diligently to assemble a “quilt-design puzzle” donated to the club by Fred.  It took three days…but they managed to complete it on Saturday evening!  Great work, Ladies & Gents!  (See picture in photo-collage above.) 

On Saturday morning we had a “get-away breakfast” that included quiche, fruit salad, mini-muffins, & juice.  After that, everyone packed-up and started home.  What a pleasant way to celebrate with good friends!

Please let us know if you are interested in visiting us at one of our outings.  We would love to meet you!  Please contact Scott Kenyon, our President, at [email protected] if you are curious.  You can also check-out our website at to find out what we are planning in the future.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers


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