BC: Fraser Valley Explorers

Our annual Christmas party was held at the Maple Ridge Legion on December 1st. Thanks to Adel for arranging our club access to this enjoyable venue. Our group gathered in our own room decorated to the hilt by the Legion staff. 33 of our chapter members attended plus honorary members Lin Barrett, Ann & Arie Huisman, Hazel Rob, and Hilda & Martin Smith. A special thank you to Marg Steeves & Darlene Scott who did such a great job on the beautiful decorations adoring the tables. The Scotts and Steeves donated the centrepiece supplies then sold them to our members for $10. The proceeds were then put into our charity fund. In total we collected $205. We then had a draw choosing a member who will deliver our donations to a local food bank. The Winner was Rupinder Brar. Page 1 December 2019 Thanks to John and Lynne for arriving early to assist Adele, Mike and I with setup. Thanks to Lynne for collecting the money for the party. Your help is very much appreciated. Our club also donated $50 to the Legion. Thanks Donna and crew for the festive dinner. As usual lots of laughter and good conversation with our friends made our afternoon a success. 


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