2021 Club, Chapter & Special Interest Group Birthdays

We'd like to wish a very happy birthday to the many clubs, chapters, and special interest groups who are celebrating a birthday in 2021! These groups provide many memories and lifelong friendships for our incredible owners. We wish you many more years of camping, friendship and fun!


Five Years

February - Winnie Bs

July - Presidents Club


Ten Years

March - Classic Winnebago Club


Twenty-Five Years 

April - NV Washoe Winnies


Thirty Years

September - MILWIT

September - WA Columbia River Rollers


Thirty-Five Years

April - NY Windmill Winnies

September - MN Sundowner Winnie-Tascas

November - MN Southern Honkers


Forty Years

June - PA Pennsylvania WIT State Club


Forty-Five Years

August - VA Ye Ole Virginia Winnie-Tascas

September - VA Cardinal Winnies

October - TN - Volunteer State Winnies


Fifty Years

May - OH Wandering Ohio Winnies

May - WA Evergreen Winnies of Puget Sound

June - CA 5 Star Winnebago

June - GA Winnie Rebels

August - IA Winnie Hawks

September - 365 Club

September - MN Winnehahas

September - TX Texas W Club

October - IL Cardinal Capers

October - OK Okiebagos

October - WI Wisconsin Winnebago Itasca Club

December - CA Rolling Homes of San Diego

December - FL South Florida Winnie Gators


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