Exploring Alaska with a Travel Trailer
Watch an in-depth recap from Traveling Robert's six-week Alaska trip.

By: GoLife Staff

Over the years, we've shared about some awesome RV adventures in Alaska on the GoLife Blog - from Class C motorhome explorations to off-road, rugged van trips! Now, we're excited to get to share Winnebago Ambassador Traveling Robert's epic road trip through Alaska with a travel trailer. He even takes his Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX all the way up the Dalton Highway!

You can watch a long-form recap of his entire Alaska trip in the video below. This is a great way to get an in-depth look of what traveling through Alaska with a towable RV is like, as well as get a preview of some of the amazing scenery and experiences awaiting you! (Note: You may want to bookmark this page to watch this content over the course of a few weeks - he has a lot to share!) 

For shorter in-depth videos of each destination Robert visited in Alaska, you can view his "The Road to Alaska" playlist on YouTube

More Insights for RVing in Alaska

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Have you visited Alaska in your RV? We'd love for you to share your insights and favorite experiences in the comments!


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