11 Must-Visit Destinations During Your Alaskan RV Adventure (VIDEO)
Plus, route recommendations and activities not to be missed.

By: Katelyn & Howard Newstate

Welcome travelers and adventurers to part two of our special series: RVing in Alaska!

We’ve been enjoying the RV life for more three years and just wrapped up our second RV trip throughout the great state of Alaska! In this series, we’re sharing planning tips, must-visit spots, and advice on how to maximize your own Alaskan adventures. 

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Where to Go on Your Alaskan RV Adventure

Alaska is huge (Texas could fit inside it twice, just to give you an idea)! So where should you visit and how much time should you dedicate to each location? 

In this video, we’ll be covering some of the must-visit destinations, what route we recommend and activities you won’t want to miss. From the coastal fishing towns of the Kenai Peninsula to the incredible mountains of the interior, we’ll help you plan your ideal Alaskan RV adventure!  

Recap of Our Top RV Destinations in Alaska:

  • Tok to Anchorage
  • Kenai Peninsula:
    • Girdwood
    • Whittier
    • Seward 
    • Cooper Landing 
    • Homer 
  • Valdez
  • McCarthy/Kennicott
  • Denali National Park
  • Richardson Highway to North Pole & Fairbanks
  • Chena Hot Springs

Please let us know in the comments if there is anywhere else we should add to this list.

And stay tuned for part three of this series, where we will answer more of your top questions about visiting Alaska by RV!


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