Tour the New Winnebago Solis 59PX with Gear Garage & More!

Tour the New Winnebago Solis 59PX with Gear Garage & More!
The FitRV shares all the game-changing features of this innovative camper van.
By: James & Stef Adinaro


View of gear garage from back of the Solis

James and I (and our adventure cat Mel!) had a fun opportunity this summer to be the first “test campers” in Winnebago’s brand-new Solis 59PX. We made this video during our camping trip, which gives a close-up look at every nook and cranny of this awesome rig, so if you’re curious to see this new Solis model, check it out!

They Had Us At ‘Gear Garage’…

We’ve been rather vocal over on TheFitRV about how important it is for us to keep our two bicycles inside for both transport and while we’re sleeping. There are only a couple Class B offerings out there that allow this (like the Revel). So, when we learned the new Solis featured a rear gear garage that would have no trouble fitting two bikes, we were instantly over-the-moon in love with this coach.

Mel laying on bed in gear garage of Solis 59PX

But the Awesomeness Doesn’t End There

There are also some other big game changers that come with the 59PX that aren’t available with the smaller Solis… like air conditioning! I know many of you could take or leave A/C, but honestly, James and I are babies. We need it or we become not nice people. 

Besides the A/C, the new 59PX comes with a generator, too. And gang, this is no ordinary generator, as in the super-loud-and-embarrassing-so-you-never-use-it type of generator, no sirree. This one is a special brand-new significantly quieter 2,800-watt Onan Cummins gasoline generator. We tested it out against a traditional generator and the differences were impressive. You can run this new one anywhere without the typical generator worries of annoying others… and we did!

Solis parked in grass with pop top up

Can We Just Keep Talking About the ‘Gear Garage’?

While the floorplans are the same in both the original Solis 59P and the new 59PX, the big difference is that the 59PX is built on the longer Promaster chassis, which creates all that extra space in the back for the gear garage. In the video, we show how we loaded our bikes, and that’s one way to do it. But with all the “L-tracks” installed around the gear garage, I’m looking forward to seeing what other creative ways owners come up with to mount their bikes and gear.

There’s a ‘How to Solis’ Resource!

For new Solis owners, there’s a fantastic resource called “How to Solis.” It has loads of useful videos, like: how to dump your grey tank, how to use your water center panel, how your solar works, and so much more. You can see it by visiting this website:

If you click the website on your mobile device, it explains how you can make an icon so the website functions just like all your other mobile apps.

There’s Also a Solis Facebook Group!

Whether you’re a Solis owner or enthusiast, make sure to come join the conversations over on the Solis Facebook group. James and I are members, and before we set out on our test camping trip in the new Solis, we found loads of helpful tips from reading through current owners’ posts. And what better way to learn about a rig than talking to actual owners! 

James working on laptop at dinette

…and Back to the Video Up Top

Hope you’ll give it a look, and then perhaps I’ll see you over on the Solis FB group! 

Happy and healthy travels, all!
Stefany Adinaro from TheFitRV