Making the Switch from Class C to Class A in the Winnebago Vista NPF
Learn more about the Vista NPF features and insights into the Class A transition.

By: Howard & Katelyn Newstate

Since hitting the road full-time in 2018, we’ve traveled more than 80,000 miles in our Winnebago Navion 24D. From Alaska (twice!) to mainland Mexico and everywhere in between, our trusty home on wheels has enabled so many adventures for our little family of two adults and three dogs across North America. 

Now we’re embarking on an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime route: visiting all 51 National Parks in the lower 48 United States, in one year. For this trip, we’re ALSO getting to try out Class A RVing for the year in a 2023 Winnebago Vista NPF, and we can’t wait to share all the adventures with you!

There will be lots more to share about our route and destinations in the weeks and months to follow, but let’s start by discussing our new home for 2023: the Winnebago Vista NPF. Inspired by our U.S. National Parks, the Vista NPF (and sister RV, Sunstar NPF) bring a number of special features to Class A RVing, including a 270-degree batwing awning, enhanced power systems with a 320ah Lithionics Lithium Ion (LiFePO) battery and 345w of solar panels, factory installed. 

Here is a tour of the Winnebago Vista NPF we’re traveling in:

What We Like About the Vista NPF

At exactly 30 feet, this RV is perfect for exploring the U.S. National Parks. The Winnebago team estimates that the Vista NPF will comfortably fit in 80% or more of all U.S. National Park campgrounds, and we intend to prove that with our route! 

Particular aspects we like:

  • Outdoor Living: We are loving the combination of expanded awnings (over 300 sq ft of covered area with the main awning and batwing awning deployed simultaneously), 39” Smart TV with speakers, and the outdoor kitchen! It’s an ideal setting for relaxing or hosting others.
  • 12v Refrigerator: After experiencing the difference a compressor-driven 12v fridge can make to quickly cool and keep groceries cool, it is great to see this as a standard feature in the Vista NPF
  • Winnebago Connect: New for this model year, the Vista NPF features consolidated controls and centralized monitoring for all major systems in the RV. On one screen (or in a dedicated app for your phone), you can adjust and even dim individual lights, as well as control the temperature, leveling jacks, main awning, front bed lift, and more. You can also check the status of your fresh, gray, black, and propane tanks. This works in tandem with intelligent switches located throughout the RV. 
  • Expanded Solar and Lithium Battery: Smart TVs, 12v refrigerators, all our personal electronics, and new technologies require more power; and the Vista NPF is ready for it! Lithium batteries are a game changer and by design also maintenance free. Paired with 345w of solar on the roof (and a more efficient MPPT solar charge controller) keeps us powered up and able to stay “out there” even longer.

Making the Switch: Going from Class C to Class A RVing

While moving into the Vista NPF from our Navion was simple enough, it does bring to light differences between Class C and Class A RVs! After living in the Vista NPF for a month, here are some of the differences we’ve noticed.

  • Setting up and packing up the Vista NPF is faster than our Navion. Maybe it’s because of the additional storage onboard, but we have noticed that there is less to “do” each time we move to a new location. Everything has a place, and our routine for setting up now is down to a couple buttons to deploy the levelers and slide!
  • Driving a Class A and Class C RV is not the same. With the longer wheelbase and turning radius of the Vista NPF, we find you need to delay starting a turn to avoid cutting a corner (or worse). The enhanced suspension of the Vista NPF makes it a pleasure to drive, too! Compared to prior generations, the newest Ford chassis already comes with larger sway bars in the front and rear, and Winnebago adds Sumo Springs standard from the factory for the Vista NPF model. The result is a pleasant ride that is resilient to rocking and rolling from driveways and stable on the highways.
  • We could get used to having a dedicated bedroom, but there are positives and negatives. In the positive column, we wake up and start our day at different times. Having a dedicated, comfortable bedroom (with a door!) allows Katelyn to continue sleeping while Howard can get up and jumpstart working for the day. We are really enjoying that flexibility. However, from the standpoint of living in smaller spaces, we love the powered murphy bed on our Navion because it helps to regain the area occupied by the bed in the daytime.
  • We love having a designated workspace in the front cab area. For travel days, the new design of the hinged counter surface on the passenger side of the Vista NPF is fantastic. There are 12V, USB and 110V AC outlets located around the passenger seat, making it easier to plug in everything we need to get work done.
  • Winnebago Connect and other technologies are improving the RV experience. Centralized control with enhanced abilities is a dream come true for us. We can now dim individual lights from intelligent switches on the wall, the central control panel, or from the dedicated mobile app. From a pet safety perspective, the Automatic Generator Start (AGS) has the ability to quickly start the generator based on the thermostat settings to keep the RV cool and comfortable. We can remotely operate all the systems of the Vista NPF from our phones, including going outside to watch the leveling jacks deploy or even the main outdoor awning. It’s a game changer for us.
  • Outdoor living enhancements with the Vista NPF. While our Navion offered an awning and outdoor speakers, there are several great features with the new RV. First, the unique addition of the 270-degree “batwing” awning extends the main awning all the way around to the back of the Vista NPF, creating an incredible 300-sq-ft outdoor living space protected from the sun and rain. Under the two awnings, there is the outdoor kitchen with a second refrigerator and sink and a 39” Smart TV with outdoor speakers (and a switch if you want the audio from the front dash to play on the outdoor speakers instead of TV audio). This is a fantastic upgrade for us, and we have already enjoyed the options of relaxing inside or entertaining friends in this new outdoor living area.

To learn more, find out where you can meet up with us, and follow along on our adventures traveling to 51 National Parks in 52 weeks, check out our dedicated tour page:

Have you tried different types of RVs? What was the experience like for you transitioning from one type to another? Let’s hear about your experiences in the comments below.


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User commented on February 12, 2023 12:39 PM
I love that swingout awning on the back. Is it available as a addon?
User commented on February 16, 2023 4:42 PM
Thank you for your comment! Please reach out to the customer care team directly at (641) 585-6939 to see if adding the awning would be possible. Sincerely, GoLife Editor
User commented on February 12, 2023 2:18 PM
Hiya Nomads, Keeping an eye on your comments about the NPF, I'm actually looking at procuring myself one in the next two years.I will be interested on your comments on the solar/Lithionics battery system. Is it enough for you, or are you thinking on upgrading to a larger system? I have a few mods,but will wait and see... Enjoy your new home and your road trips. Denis
User commented on April 4, 2023 5:42 PM
If we were keeping the Vista NPF beyond the National Parks Tour, I think we would upgrade both the batteries and solar. The factory installed system is sufficient for casual use/weekends, but as full timers who like being off-grid, we would want the increased capacity to get us through longer stays. -Newstate Nomads
User commented on February 12, 2023 4:13 PM
We also are looking at the Vista. We currently own a 24D View. We would be interested in getting your opinion of the cab noise level compared to the View/Navion and also the performance of the Vista’s gas engine on hills/mountains. Thanks
User commented on April 4, 2023 5:43 PM
The noise level in the cab area is quite minimal! We have no problem carrying on a conversation or listening to music while driving. If anything, the cab noise in the View/Navion might be a tiny bit more because of the diesel engine. As far as the Vista's performance on hills and mountains, the Vista has the new Ford v8 (Godzilla) Engine, which has increased torque compared to the older v10. We find the performance on hills good, but you're certainly not going to win any races uphill. -Newstate Nomads
User commented on February 13, 2023 6:03 AM
Looking forward to your videos.
User commented on February 13, 2023 9:05 AM
That motorhome in combination with a smaller diesel pusher and I would trade my View Winnebago in a heartbeat. Peter
User commented on February 13, 2023 1:36 PM
Think we'll just keep our 2020 Nation 24V--more economical small diesel instead of large gas V-8, 25.5' instead of 30' so shorter turning radius, 450W of solar instead of 345W, 2000W inverter, 12v fridge, induction cooktop, convection-microwave, Truma water heater, theater seats in the slide, twin beds, and separation between the bedroom and living--kitchen area. The only things the Vista has that would be better for us are the 320 A-hr lithium battery instead of our 220 A-hr lithium batteries and the front-hinged bay doors instead of the 90-degree swing-up bay doors. Plus my wife can easily drive the Nation, she never wanted to drive when towing our fifth wheel and she has test-driven a Class A and said "never again"!
User commented on February 19, 2023 12:15 PM
Hello. We have a View 24 J. We are looking seriously at the Vista 29NP and appreciate your comments. Who manufactures the batwing awning? Do you regularly use it? If so did you buy side panels? Thank you.
User commented on March 30, 2023 6:07 PM
Thank you for your comment! The batwing awning is made by Alu-Cab Global. I'll reach out to the Newstates to share more insights about usage. -GoLife Editor
User commented on April 4, 2023 5:44 PM
We do! And we really like this feature. It expands our outdoor canopy space greatly. We didn't know you could buy side panels until just now! If we were keeping the Vista NPF beyond the National Parks Tour, we would definitely look into and invest in those! -Newstate Nomads
User commented on April 23, 2023 3:11 PM
We are considering the 2023 Vista 29V. Really like the NP but can’t imagine not having the ladder for roof access. Have you had any problems not having the ladder? Would certainly need to install more solar to extend boondocking opportunities. Love the floor plan. Have you overnighted with the slider in? Doable?
User commented on April 28, 2023 3:58 PM
We purchased a collapsible ladder from Amazon that works great for roof access whether we need to clean our solar panels or put our Starlink on the roof. It folds up and we can store it in the basement. That has helped a lot! It's a small tradeoff in order to have the batwing awning on the back of the RV! We agree, the floorplan is great. And yes! We have slept with the slide in and it's VERY doable. You still have access to your bed, the fridge, and the bathroom with the slide in. The only thing that having the slide in prohibits is the walk-around functionality of the king sized bed, but Howard just crawls over the bottom if he has to get up. Not a big deal for one night! - Katelyn & Howard
User commented on July 31, 2023 12:01 PM
Thanks so much for all the info and comments . We are in the process of moving up from a 24 ft view to the NPF . I hope we enjoy it as much as you have . Cheers