Winnebago Community Tampa Takeover
Recap of the many fun owner meetups at the Florida RV SuperShow.

By: GoLife Staff

Not only did Winnebago show up in a big way at the Florida RV SuperShow this January with the launch of the eRV2 — the first all-electric, zero-emission RV prototype; the Winnebago owner community really showed up, too. 

Throughout the first half of the show, Winnebago owners navigated their way through the sea of RVs and travel trailers to gather at the Winnebago display for a total of five owner meetups hosted by Winnebago. Owner meetups are a great way to connect with other RVers, meet employees from Winnebago, and talk with brand ambassadors. At the Tampa show, there was a wide variety of RV owners in attendance, representing all model classes. 

Highlights of the Florida RV SuperShow Winnebago Meetups 

Winnebago brand ambassadors Newstate Nomads met up with their fellow Class A owners on Wednesday afternoon. They shared details about their national parks trip in the Winnebago Vista National Park Foundation Limited Edition. (Keep an eye out for articles on GoLife and other content about their trip in the coming months!)

On Thursday, the entire afternoon was dedicated to compact coach meetups. Brand Ambassadors The FitRV held an EKKO meetup, while Community Ambassadors, Greg and Donna Schultz, hosted a meetup for Travato owners. Everyone came together later in the day for an all-compact coach meetup held by Newstate Nomads.

Winnebago Community Ambassadors, Supercharged Camper, hosted their meetup on Friday for all Winnebago towable owners. It was a busy few days for the Winnebago community, connecting with each other through their love for the outdoors and never-ending adventure.

Winnebago’s new community engagement manager, Lindsey Quick, was excited to be part of the energy. “As a former Winnebago Fuse and Solis owner, and admin of several of the Winnebago product model Facebook groups, I know firsthand how amazing our community of owners is,” she said. “I’m thrilled to be able to live out my passion and be surrounded by Winnebago owners as part of my job.”

Meet Winnebago in Florida Next January!

The Florida RV SuperShow is an annual event for Winnebago, and one of the best places to check out new products, meet Winnebago employees, and connect with other owners. We’d love to see you next January in Tampa! 

You can also follow @WinnebagoRVs on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on future owner meetups at RV shows and other upcoming events. We hope to see you soon!


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User commented on February 12, 2023 4:31 PM
Presumably from all these owner groups there would be lots of feedback to Winnebago about features and changes needed in their products. I would love to see a summary of this feedback. As a full time Class A RVer would also love to have the opportunity to give Winnebago some of my learnings about RV design and features. I have done some of this at prior shows by speaking with some Winnebago Brand Managers, but not seen much evidence of those conversations.