illustration of a woman at an RV rental dealership

Want to Test Out a Winnebago? Check Out this RV Rental Resource
An easy and useful option for finding specific models to rent from dealers.
By: GoLife Staff

illustration of a woman at an RV rental dealership

If you have already taken to the road this season, then you know that summer is an extremely popular time for RV rentals! But did you know you can rent a variety of Winnebago RVs through dealerships across the country? 

Whether you want to test out the RV lifestyle for the first time or test out a specific Winnebago model you have had your eye on, this is a great option we are excited to share with you!

How to Find a Winnebago to Rent

There is a simple tool on the Winnebago site that can help you find the RV you want to rent! It is also the same search tool you would use if you needed to find a place to buy an RV or have it serviced.

  • Go to the Locate a Dealer page on the Winnebago website (button in top right corner).
  • Type in your location (this can be zip code, city, or state).
  • Adjust the optional filters as needed.
  • Be sure to check the ‘Available Rentals’ box in the Dealer Services section.
  • Then click search and have fun browsing your results!
screenshot of winnabego website locate your dealer page

The results will show up on the map, and if you click the drop-down arrow under the dealership’s name on the left it will have contact information as well as which models they have on site. However, always call to make sure the model you have your heart set on will be available to rent for your dates and clarify any rental rules as well as pricing. There may also be information already available on the dealership website, which will usually be linked in the drop-down section.

Please note: These rentals are provided by RV dealerships. You will not be renting directly from Winnebago. However, the Winnebago website is a great resource to learn more about the RV you plan to rent as well as educational tips for new RVers. These checklists for setting up and packing up an RV at a campground are a great place to start!

Tips for Renting an RV from a Dealer

Renting an RV can be a wonderful way to really get a taste of RV life or how traveling in a specific model or class of RV will feel. Follow these tips to make sure it is a good experience:

  • Before booking your rental, be sure you know everything that is included and any restrictions to where you can take the RV (for example, you may not be able to cross into Mexico or Canada).
  • If you are a brand new RVer, spend some time learning the basics to have a successful trip and make sure to have the dealership go over everything with you before you leave.
couple driving a winnabego motorhome Katelyn & Howard Newstate.
  • Find out if any roadside assistance or other resources will be available. If not offered, be sure you have a plan in place should you need help on the road.
  • Ask if all the components for dumping tanks and setting up camp will be included.
  • Usually, you will need to plan to pack your own bedding, cooking supplies, and other necessities when renting from dealerships.
  • If renting an RV to test out if you want to buy it, make sure you have a notepad or phone app ready to jot down your thoughts as you get out on the road.

Other RV Rental & Testing Options

Not seeing what you are looking for on the dealer sites? Of course, there are also other RV rental companies out there as well as ones that offer peer-to-peer rentals – including Outdoorsy and RV Share. These may even come with some of the necessities, like kitchen supplies and outdoor chairs. While most rental companies only have a few models, the peer-to-peer sites have a much wider variety. However, you may have to settle on a comparable RV if the exact model you are looking for isn’t available. 

You could also join an owner group on Facebook for the specific type of Winnebago you are interested in to get real-life insights into what living and traveling in that model is like. If someone is going to be close by, they may even be happy to meet you to check out their setup in person!


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