A Spontaneous Forza Owners’ Meetup Leads to Annual Tradition
Learn more about the Winnebago Forza/Itasca Solei group and their GNR get-togethers!

By: GoLife Staff

While enjoying his time at Winnebago’s 50th Grand National Rally a few years back, Winnebago Forza owner John Fisken started to notice there were quite a few other Forza RVs on the Rally grounds and decided to host an impromptu meetup!

With a simple post in the owner groups on Facebook, he unknowingly planned the first Winnebago Forza/Itasca Solei owners’ meetup at GNR. Happily offering up his own rig as their meeting place, about 30 owners got together to share stories and discuss all things Forza. John even let the other owners tour his rolling home during the spontaneous event!

John estimates that about 80% of the Forza owners at GNR had the 34T floorplan, so many were excited to check out his 38W – which he fell in love with because of the living room setup: you can look straight at the TV from the couch. 

Forza Meetup at the 2022 Grand National Rally

At the most recent Grand National Rally, the group had grown to about 45. They even had some members of the Class A product design team join in to get owner insights about how they are using the RVs and anything they would change. Winnebago product managers John Millis and Jack Decker spent a long time actively engaging with owners, sharing their ideas for new features, and learning from the group.

The Winnebago Staff walked away with valuable information to keep in mind as they planned for future models, and the owners were excited to have had a chance to give their input.

While happy to be the one to step up and suggest a get-together, John isn’t an admin on any of the online Forza groups and doesn’t have plans to start organizing additional meetups. He describes himself as the “unelected and unaccountable leader of the Forza GNR meetups,” and hopes to be able to continue to facilitate that annual tradition. 

If you are interested in attending the next Winnebago Forza/Itasca Solei owners’ meetup at GNR, be sure to keep an eye out for posts in the owner groups. (There are two that are both active: Owners Group Winnebago Forza & Itasca Solei and Winnebago Forza/Itasca Solei Owners Group).

These groups are also a great way to learn more about your rig and ask questions. Wondering where to find a specific switch you are looking for? These folks will likely know the answer! John notes that there are many active members, so it isn’t uncommon to get multiple replies to your questions.

Happy travels and we hope to see you at the next GNR in July of 2023!


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