ekko solar panels

Winnebago’s 2022 RV Solar Guide
What off-grid power capabilities to expect in the newest line-up.
By: GoLife Staff

ekko solar panels

Off-grid RVing has come a long way in recent years. With larger tanks, better solar capabilities, and more efficient systems, RVers are boondocking longer and enjoying it even more!    

Winnebago continues to innovate and find ways to make it easier to camp longer without hookups. In this guide, we’re sharing some of Winnebago’s most recent solar offerings in the latest RV models and why these upgrades will improve the way you RV. 

Solar Upgrades to Improve the Way You RV 

As you browse Winnebago’s latest RV lineup, you will notice some key trends when it comes to solar. These upgrades are based on owner requests for more power and improved efficiencies. Here are some of the top features to lookout for as you shop for your next RV …

Additional Solar Panels

In many Winnebago RVs, solar panels now come standard and there is often roof space purposefully left available in case you would like to add another panel or two. For example, the Winnebago EKKO comes with three solar panels already hooked up and ready to power your off-grid adventures!

While you could also use your generator to recharge your batteries, solar power offers a clean, quiet option and a longer-term solution when boondocking - since a generator requires fuel to work.

Lithium Ion Batteries

You could have dozens of solar panels, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t have batteries to store the power. However, not all batteries are equally as efficient. That’s why Winnebago uses lithium ion batteries in many of their RVs. This option allows you to store more power and the batteries weigh significantly less than lead batteries. The power storage is also used more efficiently which helps give you more electricity for longer.

For example, Winnebago’s lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy Management System (available in the Travato 59GL or 59KL and the Boldt) provides more than 9,000 useable watt-hours of power.

birds eye view of the travato solar panels

High-Quality Inverter

An inverter is a key component to your solar setup because it converts the power stored in your batteries from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). If this is sounding a little too much like science class, all you really need to know is that many of your appliances require the AC electricity to work – likely including your microwave, coffee maker, and computers.

When using an inverter, you need to make sure you are not using it to power too many things at once or it will overload your system. That’s why having an inverter that can handle more wattage is ideal for anyone boondocking, since you could use it to power more appliances. However, it is always important to know how much power your various appliances need and manage your usage based on that.

Simplified Usage

With easy-to-read control panels, controllers, and even remote monitoring, using your solar setup is simpler than ever. There are even system-specific apps available to check your power conveniently from your phone.

The Pure3 Advanced Energy Management System comes equipped with Bluetooth hardware that allows you to download the myVolta app to monitor your system – this includes estimated running time, power pack temperature, charging status, and power usage. You can even receive alerts straight to your phone.

The Winnebago EKKO and Micro Minnie FLX come with Lithionics batteries which also have an app available for Bluetooth monitoring. Learn more about the Lithionics batteries here, and get tips for using and monitoring the Lithionics batteries in this video.

micro minnie flx solar panels

Added Efficiencies

In addition to more solar power, Winnebago has also made appliances, lights, and other RV components more efficient to make your power last even longer when off-grid. Some RVs (like the Micro Minnie FLX) can even run appliances on 12-volt power to avoid the power loss associated with an AC converter.

There are also Winnebago models that come with a second alternator that is dedicated to charging the batteries while driving – further extending how long you can go between having electric hookups.

Examples of the Solar Capabilities in Winnebago’s 2022 RVs

While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the solar features available in the latest Winnebagos:

  • EKKO: Three solar panels pump out 455-watts of power to the EKKO, a second alternator is dedicated to charging the batteries while driving, and the standard lithium-ion batteries provide further energy independence.
  • Micro Minnie FLX:  The system includes two 190-watt solar panels to charge the 320-amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack, which in turn powers all the appliances. The Micro Minnie FLX is also prewired for an additional portable panel.
  • Travato: The Travato comes with 215-watt solar panels, solar charge controller with junction box, and plugs for additional solar panels. The lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy System (available in the 59GL and 59KL) uses safe, dependable automotive-grade technology to provide more than 9,000 useable watt-hours of power (over 12,000 with optional four-module energy pack) for extended off grid stays.
  • Solis: A one panel, 220-watt system is fitted to the top of the pop-top roof – while the pop-top optional model features a 170-watt system – for a sleek and unique look. 
solis solar panels
  • View/Navion: This Class C comes standard with 200W solar, Group 31 batteries (or available lithium smart batteries), and a 2,000W inverter to help extend your escape.
  • Journey: Although Class A RVs have traditionally been used with hookups to power all the residential-style appliances, Winnebago does offer a solar upgrade package on some of the Class A lineup. For example, the Journey has an optional lithium system upgrade which includes 4 x 125 AH batteries and three roof-mounted solar panels at 115-watts each.
  • Boldt: Enjoy over 12,000 useable watt-hours of clean, quiet power with the lithium-based Pure3 Advanced Energy System. The Pure3 System now also comes equipped with Bluetooth hardware that links to the monitoring app. This camper van comes with two 115-watt solar panels plus a plug for an additional portable panel.

We hope this guide helps give you an idea of some of the solar options available! Happy travels!


User commented on May 10, 2022 4:20 PM
We have the Minnie Winnebago and would like download specs and maintenance for the solar panel on top. How do I get this info. I have navigated throughout and can’t get that particular model. Thanks
User commented on May 14, 2022 4:39 PM
Where can I find information and equipment for a 2021 2455BHS Minnie Winnie? [email protected]
User commented on June 26, 2022 10:16 AM
I’d like to add a solar panel to my 22 micro mini. The panel there does not quite keep up w the refrigerator. Tye dealer has no even guesses and the documentation says nothing. There is a port on the side, can I run a cable from there to the roof??? Thanks
User commented on June 26, 2022 11:12 AM
A personal computer has no AC components nor systems in it. AC power is converted to DC in the “wall wart”,”power brick”’ or in the power supply. All of these processes of AC to DC waste energy as heat in the transition. Most computers can run on a 12v DC power source.
User commented on June 26, 2022 11:16 AM
Don’t own a larger-than-needed RV ( down size if possible ) For me and my travel buddy pet the Solis Pocket is perfect.
User commented on June 26, 2022 12:00 PM
What about the REVEL? What kind of power does it have? I know it has lithium now but what kind of power?
User commented on June 26, 2022 1:21 PM
Can I upgrade my 2013 VIA to make it more power efficient?
User commented on June 26, 2022 2:28 PM
This COULD be Winnebago's chance to corner the market with a green footprint, The Ekko could be THAT vehicule, to do just that. With 3X320 WA batteries (960 Watt/Hour total) in the "outdoor kitchen" compartment (which is already watertight) and 3000 Watt inverter and all the other needed units and 5X200 watt solar panel(1000 watt total) on the roof rack (it does fit) you could get rid of the 2X 20 lbs propane container in the rear end, replace the propane stovetop by a an induction stovetop. Just need to change the propane for an electric one, the water heater already gas the option of being propane OR electric. I would be ready to buy one from Winnebago, if this RV existed...The Ekko is such a great vehicule, the only drawback is it's propane side.
User commented on June 26, 2022 8:15 PM
i got 2015 winnebago 36 y I got 4 100 walt panels and renogy 40 amp solar controller , what method best mounting on roof and running power cable to controller which is next to 2000 inverter steve kordyak [email protected]
User commented on July 1, 2022 5:19 PM
Do you have any information on the Hike 172bh 2022. I have some lat panels but not sure what I can power up or how the system works. No guide or user manual included in my stuff.