Beginner Video for Dumping Your RV Tanks
Learn the basics of this important topic in an easy-to-understand way.

By: James & Stef Adinaro

In addition to a general description of an RV's on-board wastewater plumbing system and an overview of how it works, this video will explain in detail how to successfully dump your RV's grey and black tanks.

Important tank dumping topics included:

  • Where the Tanks are Located & What Drains into Them
  • Checking Tank Levels
  • Dumping the Grey & Black Tanks
  • Overview of Composting Toilets & Cassette Toilets
  • Other Tips & Best Practices

Please note that RV plumbing systems are not all set up exactly the same and it is important to read your RV's manual to make sure you are using yours correctly.

If you have questions after watching the video, please head over to this page on The Fit RV's website to join the discussion! 

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User commented on September 17, 2023 7:31 PM
Thanks, great reminder to leave water in the tanks. I forgot since my last dump. Sometimes we need to fall back to basics. I will mention macerating toilets use more water than other types.
User commented on September 17, 2023 9:44 PM
Excellent presentation. His light humor was spot on. Did I just say spot on when talking about sewage? Oh well...
User commented on September 18, 2023 2:25 AM
Very good video
User commented on September 18, 2023 2:02 PM
Leaving a little water in the toilet bowl makes great sense. I think you just found a smell problem my wife objects too. Thanks