The Revel Club 2023 Meetup: An Experience to Remember in the Colorado Rockies
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By: Celia Waterhouse, Co-Founder of The Revel Club

This fall, approximately 70 people in 35 Winnebago Revel vans embarked on a four-day meetup organized by The Revel Club at the private MacGregor Ranch in Estes Park. 

Nestled against the spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this historic ranch set the scene for a unique dispersed camping meetup for members of The Revel Club, highlighting the essence of freedom and the spontaneity of travel that the Winnebago Revel gives its owners. 

Participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the serene, rustic beauty of the ranch all while enjoying the creature comforts of home the Revel van provides. 

Revel Owners enjoying dispersed camping at MacGregor Ranch, Estes Park.

Getting Settled into Revel Ranch Life

With the sprawling landscape of the ranch providing ample space and privacy, everyone had a chance to select and set up their preferred spots – either tucked away under the pine trees or spread out in the open fields with direct access to cell reception and to Starlink. This allowed attendees to enjoy a blend of both solitude and companionship, all while under the vast Colorado sky and a front row seat to view the rare Harvest moon. 

The Revel Club 2023 Meetup aimed to provide a variety of incredible experiences for our members and to allow deep connections to be made amongst the participants. The setting for the event alone provided everything and more than attendees had hoped for. This included a rare and privileged opportunity to be guests of the 150-year-old historic MacGregor Ranch. 

For some members, this gathering at MacGregor Ranch was just a segment of their grand adventure, having come directly from The Revel Club’s Moab 4x4 Van Training. For others, the excitement was only beginning, as they would soon embark on the Great Divide Adventure immediately after. 

The Revel Club’s signature 4x4 Van Training in Moab.
Participants of the Great Divide Adventure organized by The Revel Club.

As members of The Revel Club slowly gathered at the ranch, driving in from all four corners of the country, they immediately felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie. This community of fellow Revel owners were able to gather in one unique and special spot, showing off their modifications all while sharing their tales of travel, ultimately inspiring one another to embark on new adventures and even to do so together. 

The Revel Club provides this unique opportunity for like-minded individuals allowing them to connect, and to form friendships, making it simple to organize and plan future trips together.

Meetup Activities & Highlights

Throughout the event, participants had the chance to engage in a wide array of activities that not only highlighted the versatility of the Winnebago Revel but also provided an opportunity for camaraderie within The Revel Club.

Revel owners getting ready to embark on an excursion together.

Fly-fishing enthusiasts found solace in casting lines into pristine mountain streams led by expert guides, sharing tips and stories with fellow fishermen. Hikers and bikers organized groups themselves to explore scenic trails together. Others preferred a quieter, retreat experience with massage therapy sessions amidst the majestic backdrop. This provided a much-needed opportunity for relaxation for those who traveled from afar, melting away the fatigue and tension of the long drive. 

The MacGregor Ranch did not disappoint for wildlife enthusiasts and was further enhanced by up-close encounters with majestic elk roaming freely throughout the property. And as night fell, participants gathered under the bright full moon, sharing tales around campfires with smores and libations, bonding over their shared love for adventure.

The days at MacGregor Ranch were filled with unforgettable experiences and feelings of a true Revel family. Leaf-peeping tours allowed participants to fully immerse themselves in the stunning golden colors of the changing of the aspen leaves, emphasizing the contrast of the rich green pine trees with the snow-capped peaks clearly visible in the distance.

Tastings of exquisite bourbon, whiskey, and craft beers added a touch of indulgence to the event. McShan from the Vault captivated participants with their selection of spirits, each bottle carrying its own unique story and heritage. Complementing this narrative was Rock Cut Brewery's unique selection of beers, each brew a testament to their craft, passion, and commitment to quality.

Each day, happy hours were a significant part of this meetup experience. The daily cocktail gatherings provided an opportunity for everyone to come together, share their experiences from the day, forge new friendships, and strengthen existing ones—all while savoring their favorite drinks and indulging in the appetizers to fill their bellies.

Evenings were filled with music, laughter, and connection. Erik Brown's popular campfire melodies on his acoustic guitar set the perfect ambiance for developing deep friendship and creating lasting memories. Many of the participants even joined in with tambourines and cowbells, adding their own rhythmic contributions to the lively atmosphere. 

A standout performance by Cowboy Brad, Estes Park's beloved John Denver look-alike, added a touch of nostalgia and musical tribute. His renditions of some of John Denver's greatest hits and other mountain tunes stirred emotions and created a sense of shared musical heritage among many of the participants.

The premier Bird and Jim's Restaurant catered exceptional farm-to-table meals that celebrated the local flavors and fresh ingredients. Each dish was a culinary masterpiece that further enhanced the overall experience – all while enjoying a camplike setting.

Campfire gatherings provided a space for laughter, storytelling, and connection. Participants shared their tales of travel, bonded over shared experiences, and forged friendships that would last far beyond the event itself. These moments around the campfire created lasting memories and reinforced the sense of community within The Revel Club.

The Revel Club 2023 Meetup at MacGregor Ranch was not just about camping; it was about providing an experience to its members - one of being in sync with nature, enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, indulging in activities that the surrounding beauty had to offer, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

It was a reminder of the simple pleasures in life—good company, good food, good music, and the great outdoors, celebrating the Revel van as the catalyst that had brought us all together on our adventures. Until next year…when the call of the Rocky Mountains beckons us again.

Learn more about attending next year and see a video of the 2023 highlights, here.

About The Revel Club & How to Join

Read more about The Revel Club in this interview with the founders, or visit their website to learn how to become a member and register for future events. Members pay an annual fee and receive discounts on upcoming events.

If you’re looking to connect with other Winnebago owners, either by model, geography or shared interests, explore the groups and upcoming events highlighted on the GoLife Community page of the Winnebago website. Being a Winnebago owner means you never have to go alone – and with tons of groups to join and events to attend, there are plenty of options!


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