WA: Rainier Ramblers

After Outing Report by Joe & Carol Robel, Hoquiam River RV Resort, Hoquiam, WA, October 10-12

We arrived at Hoquiam on Thursday expecting another couple (or two) to join us at least by Friday! Thursday afternoon we headed to Aberdeen to enjoy “Downton Abbey” which was playing at the Riverside Cinemas . . . along with six other (local) couples! After the wonderful movie, we had a delicious dinner at Billy’s Bar and Grill. Joe tested a great beer there from Steam Donkey Brewery, an Aberdeen brewery!

Friday we waited a little while, but decided to make a drive to Lake Quinault and hope another RV would come while we were gone. It was a gorgeous drive and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery! We saw a lot of logging trucks on the drive, but really enjoyed the beautiful day!! Below are a couple pictures of Lake Quinault. (Reflections were amazing!)

When we arrived back at the RV park we had a text . . . nobody’s coming! Our RV’ers were sick! So, we watched football, even went downtown at the half for lunch on Saturday and found a brewery with the Cougars playing, which we couldn’t get in our coach at the RV park. Hooray!
It was a great sunny, beautiful few days in the Harbor!!


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