TX: Texas W Club

“Fabulous Fifties Fun”

Mineola Civic Center, Mineola, Texas

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2019 TEXAS STATE RALLY in Mineola this past October!  Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time and we particularly loved getting to see so many friends from out out-of-state. 

Our first pre-rally event was a tour of Waldo Way Dairy Farm where we were able to watch the most modern of robotic milking systems.  Later that day the WIT ladies, and several of the WIT gentlemen, availed themselves of the hospitality of wonderful Mineola to Sip-and-Shop while being treated to several delightful beverages and amazing nibbles.  As we roamed the streets of this enjoyable little town the number of shopping bags proliferated at an astounding rate!

A first-time game, a Funny Photo Scavenger Hunt, was a blast!  With a large turnout of excited members, we broke into teams to track down and photograph all the things on the craziest scavenger hunt imaginable.  After judging by our suitably attired judges, “Brent Kavanaugh” and “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”, winners were selected and the entire body of photos made into a hilarious video that everyone enjoyed during warm-up to our gift awards, Saturday evening dinner and tremendous dance show by Shake, Rattle and Roll.

During the rest of the jampacked 4 days of fun we played all the beloved and traditional games and ate like kings and queens – with even time set aside for our volunteer activity, packing buckets with cleaning supplies to be distributed to those suffering the next trauma that the RV Disaster Corps will be helping.  Many of our members qualified through training to sign up to be on call the next time these angels-on-wheels are called to help survivors of a disaster.

Altogether, we had a marvelous time, enjoyed great company and even left our world a little bit better for our being there!


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User commented on November 9, 2022 10:54 AM
Is this club active? If not, how can I create a new chapter for the Lone Star Winnie's for all of Texas.
User commented on December 6, 2023 2:32 PM
When can we register for the Rally in Iowa? We are new members and would like to attend.
User commented on January 2, 2024 9:32 PM
Rally registration will open in spring. We hope to see you there!