TN: West Tennessee Travelers

Natchez Trace State Park

Lexington, TN

June 11-13, 2020

The West Tennessee Travelers held their first campout of the season at Natchez Trace State Park, Lexington TN. Three coaches were able to arrive early in spite of the full campground. When the parks opened, campers flooded the campgrounds in an effort to relieve the stress of lockdown due to the pandemic. Three more coaches arrived Thursday and we were able to fully enjoy our first gathering of the year.

We spent Thursday getting reacquainted. Our granddaughter Carissa has joined us for the summer and enjoyed visiting all her extended grandparents. She went fishing with her Bop-Bop and caught the first and biggest brim. I guess I am going to have to practice more.

The Pandemic has caused several changes in our normal camping routine. No one felt comfortable continuing our dining out night. Our pot luck dinner also required changes. We elected to institute a hobo dinner. This consists of preparing an individual aluminum foil meal cooked on a grill or stove and enjoying dining together. Of course we had to see who had the best recipe (looking but not tasting).

The weather couldn’t have been any better with temperatures in the mid 80’s and the nights just cool enough to enjoy a campfire. Our resident fire tenders Mark Bolding and Sally Shannon showed off their skills as we gathered around the campfire for an evening of solving the world’s problems while loading up our granddaughter with sugar in the form of smores.

While the dinners were very tasty and we enjoyed sharing recipes, we hope to return to our normal camping routine sometime in the near future. We all found that getting outside and seeing friends again was a wonderful change from social isolation.

Ken Dixon, Sec


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