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President’s Message

The new officers of VSW were elected at the Oct. 15, 2019 meeting and installed on Oct. 16 by Butch and Val Peters. Thanks to the efforts of most of our members, we closed out the active part of 2019 with a bang! Our attendance at our October 2019 TN State Rally was higher than expected with 73 RV’s and 139 persons from 20 states at the Rally Grounds. Even more exciting was the great turn out for Tennessee. We had 29 RV’s from TN with 27 being members. Especially welcomed were the five (5) couples who joined in 2018 and eight (8) who joined in 2019 (five in the last 3 months). These new members jumped right in and played a big role in making this a successful Rally.

I do want to thank all our members and chapters in pitching in to make all aspects run smoothly. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, it takes all levels of individual tasks and responsibilities to make a successful Rally. It takes planners, leaders in particular areas and volunteers to do the implementing of tasks. All levels of responsibility are as important as any other and each and every one of you were and are greatly appreciated for your part.

Looking to 2020, mark your calendars for TN State (to include Chapters) campout April 22-26, at the Ward Ag Center. Mike has 40 spaces reserved for a Nissan tour on Thursday the 23rd. Then July 13-17th is GNR in Forest City, IA with the preceding week pre-GNR along with Forest City Pucker Brush Day Festivities. October 15-18, we meet again at the Ward Ag Center in Lebanon (we are looking at some new venues for this also). We are hoping we can get a sizeable group of members to have a Rolling Rally to the Louisiana State Rally on October 22-25, 2020. More information on this will be forthcoming. Thanks again for all your input for the Rally and hope to see you all in 2020.


The Tennessee State Winnebago International Travelers Club
Rally Report for VSW Rally October 17-20, 2019
Ward Ag Center Lebanon, TN

Our early arrivals on Sat. and Sun. were greeted by a full parking lot and camping area since there was a big dog show going on until Sunday. By Sunday evening we could settle into our spots for the week.

Monday and Tuesday more rigs rolled in and our parkers were kept busy settling them in appropriate sites. Tuesday, we had the keys to D/E Building so started registration, decorations and collecting things for the Silent Auction. By Tuesday night the people for the Red Neck Bus tour had all arrived and at our 4 pm Social Hour they signed up for carpools. Many were not towing so Ralph made sure all had rides. At registration each participant was greeted, given their nametags and a Goody Bag.

Wednesday most of the rigs had arrived. At Social Hour, people signed up for carpooling to Cracker Barrel Décor Warehouse and Lane Motor Museum. There were also 2 walking tours of
Fiddler’s Grove with a Guide. While others were touring the decorations were finished. Irene Craig and Linda McKitrick spent their day matching like items to make baskets for the Silent Auction.

Thursday brought more activity with the set up for the Hospitality Table and Opening Ceremonies. Lebanon High School provided the Honor Guard that presented the flags and Mayor
Ash of Lebanon gave a short welcoming speech. The Hospitality Table held various finger foods brought by the VSW members. We had ordered boneless chicken wings from Zaxby’s to add to the tables. People were very generous with what they brought, and we had some food left over which was used in conjunction with later meals. After eating there was a showing of the movie, “The Long, Long Trailer”.

Friday’s cereal/fruit breakfast was served by West Tennessee Travelers. The table was open to pick up bidding numbers for the Silent Auction and the vendor tables were open. We had four vendor tables: Norwex, Young Living Oils, The Pampered Chef and Spotwash Mobile (who washed and detailed RV’s on site. Games started on Friday and were finished by the end of the day. Several folks took the CPR and Defibrillation Training to include reviewing a tornado safety checklist. Butch and Val Peters hosted a “Chat” so that people could hear the newest from Winnebago and ask questions. Dinner Friday was catered by Wildberry Catering and featured: Poppyseed Chicken, Carrots, Green Beans, Green Salad, Rolls and for dessert a variety of “Shooters”. Following dinner, we all laughed with David Turner and his friends (9 puppets including Elvis. He always adds something new and relates well to his audience.

Saturday breakfast was a hot breakfast prepared and served by Rocky Top Travelers. Sky Med hosted the breakfast and followed it with a well-attended Seminar. Linda Rogers, a member of VSW, gave a good demonstration on the Instant Pot. Thanks to Linda! Aggie King did rock painting, Irene Craig taught some lively folks in line dancing and Aggie helped Virginia Wiggers, Mary McDermott and Karen Clark with the Musical Carousel. We charged 25 cents each time and the winners got the money. We had music artist names on tape on the floor and when the music stopped a name was drawn from a box. At noon the Silent Auction closed, and Irene and Virginia tallied the winners and what they owed. The winners could then come up and pay Joe and pick up their item. Ed Potts with help from Ted and Mary McDermott did a double-blind drawing for door prizes. They pulled a third each day Thurs – Sat. Saturday evening dinner was barbecue catered by Whitt’s. For our dessert we had ice cream cones donated by Winnebago Insurance. Thanks to both Jeannette Dixon and Diana Logan for
meeting the caterers both nights and setting up the tables for catering and then the clean up afterwards. They did a fantastic job!

Some interesting stats:
There were 73 coaches and 139 people from 20 States.
27 of the 29 TN coaches are members of VSW


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