Texas State Rally

The 2021 Texas State Rally was a great one and will go down as one of the best for the memory books. There were lots of members, new members, honorary members, out of state guests, and first-time guests. Everyone in attendance had a good time as you can see from the photos below. The group celebrated the 50th Anniversary of TexasW during the rally. Lots of golden anniversary decorations and a big, beautiful cake.

Two people with a 50th birthday cake.

As usual, we enjoyed seeing friends and sharing memories of our camping experiences—some fun and some a bit terrifying.

Group holding up their painting craft.

The event hall at Braunig Lake RV Resort had plenty of room for Joker tournament, Chickenfoot tournament, Beanbag Baseball, a big silent auction, grabbing rubber ducks in the Pluck A Duck contest, and dancing to the tunes of Touch of Gold. 

Group of people dancing

We welcomed visitors from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Iowa, Mississippi, and even Connecticut. Here are just a few of the smiling faces that joined us!

Couple smiling

Andy and Jeanie Bienvenu from Louisiana.

Couple smiling

Curtis and Barbara Long who are new members to the Nor-Tex Travelers 

Couple smiling

Bill and JoAnn Hitt from the Bluebonnet Travelers.

Couple smiling

Tony and Shirley Schexnayder from Mississippi.

Couple smiling

Tom and Susan Kovan from the Heart of Texas Winnies.


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User commented on November 12, 2021 3:50 PM
Didn't know about the group if we had we probably would have attended! Just need contact information, this is our second Class A 32' Vista