Texas State Rally

YeeHaw!  Texas had a great rally in October.  There were 33 rigs and one honorary member couple for a total of 64 people.  We were so happy to have welcomed 3 rigs from Oklahoma.  With lots of planning and cooperation from all attendees, we checked temperatures before entering the building, then masked up and sanitized hands before going through food lines.   There were lots of creative toothpick friendly appetizers such as sausage links, meatballs, little cups filled with spaghetti and a meatball, and individual bags of snacks or cookies.  We were certainly not lacking for food.  The decorations were amazing with boot cutouts, a decorated boot contest, burlap runners, cowboy hats, a saddle setting to take photos – just over the top.

There were activities such as making a Happy Camper LED outside light, and adventures to gun range, Doss Heritage Museum and the historic town of Mineral Wells.   We had a silent auction and a 50/50 ticket fundraiser, in which we raised over $800 for the TexasW charity, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.    

For entertainment, we had a cowboy poet and then for the finale, Elvis was in the building.  It was magical - there was so much love in the room, lots of couples dancing and enjoying being out having fun.

4 people gathered in Western Wear.

Four couples dancing together in a dimly lit room.

Couple sitting at table decorated in rustic theme.



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