SC: Palmetto Winnebago Club

A 50th Birthday Celebration!

The Palmetto Winnebago Club celebrated the club's 50th birthday August 25-28 at River Bottom Family Campground in Swansea, SC. The weekend started Thursday evening with a dessert social.  Thankfully we were under the covered pavilion enjoying many wonderful desserts when it started raining.

Friday morning we had a Scavenger Hunt. Participants were to find items from the list in and around their RV. The Bollengiers we're the winners finding 39 items from the list of 63. We also had two Tervis Tumblers filled with various sizes and pieces of candy. One tumbler was U of SC and the other Clemson. The contest was to guess how many pieces of candy, without going over, were in each. Congratulations to Betsy Beaulieu and Joe Horton, the winners. Friday evening, trying to keep it cool, we had a pot luck dinner of sandwiches and salads.

Saturday, we celebrated with birthday cake and ice cream and that evening, we again tried to keep cool by having sub sandwiches and chips. While the typically steamy August weather in South Carolina wasn't too bad, it did get hot and humid Saturday afternoon. The club gained two new families as members while there. One of those couples just happened to be staying in the park temporarily while they searched in SC for new property to build a home.  Invited to join us, they jumped right in the fun and club.


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User commented on October 5, 2022 5:38 PM
Sounds great. Would you send your list of 69 items for your scavenger hunt?? It sounds like fun. I am the president of The Georgia Winnie Rebels. Thank you.
User commented on October 7, 2022 10:24 PM
Kansas Winniesbare celebrating 50 years at Spring Lake Newton kansas