PA: Three Rivers Winnies

Three River Winnies Reunion & Friends Gathering September 15, 2021

by Eileen Darden

Group of people gathered together outside a building

On Wednesday, September 15th both past, present and friends of Three Rivers Winnies gathered at L&I Food and Spirits in Penn Twp. PA. Our own Carol Madden organized and arranged this outing where we had 34 attendees. Owning a Winnebago and joining this group was the beginning of many friendships for many of us. Years later many of our past members now snowbird in Florida at Toby’s Campground in Arcadia. I personally was so excited for this reunion as many of you over the years nurtured my enthusiasm for the fellowship all because we bought our 1st Winnebago back in 2006 and with a phone call to inquire about joining a Chapter. I heard the voice of this nice lady who asked me two questions. Did I own a Winnebago and did I like to eat? Now fifteen years later we still own a Winnebago and gathered this day to share a meal with our past and current members. Our current Chapter may be small but the focus remains on owning a Winnebago, gathering often and enjoying a meal together.


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