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I suspect that as I prepare this message most everyone is surrounded by the many Christmas activities such as shopping, eating, wrapping gifts, eating, baking cookies, eating, looking at lights, eating…well, you get the message. I’m pretty sure that I’ve already gained 5 lbs from just the cookies and treats alone! I’m purposely staying away from the scale for awhile. Of course, that’s why the calendar quickly brings us to New Year’s Holiday where many of us will vow to shed those found pounds from Christmas! In any event, we’re about to turn the corner on the calendar into the year 2020 (wow!!) which means that Groundhog Day is only about 5 weeks away! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.



2019 Christmas Party

The Christmas party was held at Country Table Restaurant in Mt Joy on December 13th. The party was attended by: Terry Achey and Diana Peirce, Joe and Judy Brower, Glenn and Cindy Fair, Dan and Lois Gates, Phil and Dale Henderson, Pat Hileman, Allen and Jackie Kohl, Burton and Sally Lee, Stephen and Audrey Miller, Marcel and Jan Perusse, Dan and Gemma Phillips, Duane and B Pysher, Ward and Nancy Swift and our newest members Tom and Ruthann Yochimowitz.

It was fun viewing all the younger you photos and trying to figure out who you’ve been camping with over the years. Jackie Kohl made the most correct guesses. She named 9 out of 24. The food was good and plentiful. We had a large room to circulate and visit with other members while nibbling on cheese and crackers and enjoying drinks. Thanks everyone for making this gathering a success. Thanks to Dale Henderson for the photos.

Ward & Nancy Swift


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