PA: Capitol Area Winnies

Now that the inevitable cold weather has settled into our area, I’m sure that by now we have all made certain that the mundane but necessary chore of winterizing our RV has been accomplished. I believe it is fair to say that most of our members will be spending the winter months at home to experience the full benefit of the northeast change of seasons. I know a few of our members have already journeyed to warmer climates, while a few other members have plans to travel sometime after the holidays. Whatever your plan is for this winter…know that the April Meet & Greet at Hoss’s in Hummelstown is just round the corner! Our recent November Social Gathering held at Hoss’s was very successful in terms of opportunities to enjoy each other’s company, a nice lunch, fun and games, and fundraising. More on that from our hosts, B and Duane Pysher. In closing, I’m certain that we will have yet another wonderful time at our final 2019 gathering in Mount Joy at the Country Table Restaurant on December 13th. Hope to see you there.

Happy Trails,



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