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A Letter from the CAW President

By now the final CAW campout of the year is in the books. While I was unable to attend, I’m certain that the October campout held at Chesapeake Bay KOA in Virginia was another great time! A big “thank you” to both the Browers and Hendersons for hosting this new venue.

Our 2019 club campouts have concluded, however the chapter activity continues! The November 2nd social gathering at Hoss’s in Hummelstown should be a really nice way for all to gather for a luncheon and also have an opportunity to chat it up with fellow club members. And, just one has to load up the RV or dump tanks before leaving for home! Then there’s the Christmas Party on December 13th in Mount Joy at the Country Table Restaurant. I'm thinking that this new format is going to be a big hit! Hope to see you all at both events.

As promised, here’s a brief follow-up summary to the PA WIT Planning Meeting held in September. There were folks from other chapters that suggested a new venue for the PA State Rally. Members of the Three Rivers Chapter have taken the lead on suggesting that the 2020 Rally take place at Roxbury Holiness Camp in Orrstown, PA. A tour for the chapter presidents or their representatives is scheduled for November 3rd to determine feasibility of the facility. You can go online to view some of what the Roxbury facility has to offer. It is my understanding that a decision for the 2020 venue must be determined by the PA State Officers in November to secure a reservation for either Roxbury or the Grange. This will be a “new business” topic of discussion at our brief business meeting at Hoss’s.

Happy Trails,


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