OR: Rose City Winnie-Tascas

September 2021

Rose City News

by Ken Dietrich

Five Rose City Members attended the Oregon Travelers Rally held at Bish’s Rv Park in Junction City, Oregon. Thirty plus motorhomes or trailers attended this rally with folks from Oregon and Washington. Thursday‘s happy hours was a time to renew friendship with our RV friends and talk about past rallies and campouts.  This was followed with BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs with all the side dished. Members furnished the deserts.

Friday started about nine with coffee and doughnuts provided by SkyMed who made a presentation of their services. This was followed by a Bish’s representative, who talked about batteries. How they work and what types were available for RV uses. How to take care of your acid based batteries and make sure you check water level at least ever three month and more often in hot weather. The next was care of your holding tanks. Important tips on keeping your sensory working. Use right tp and he recommended Happy Kamper to keep them clean. This applies to both gray and dark tanks. At 11:30, we had a Zoom conference with Kathryn Padgett of the WIT office. She talked about all the changes coming to WIT Chapters and Members. Simplifying the bylaws allowing fewer officers and providing more information to new owners about the benefits of joining a chapter. The afternoon allowed free time to explore the area and sample nearby wineries. Happy hour was followed by a potluck dinner and once again there was a plenty of options. Good wine, good food and friends, what more could you want?

Saturday Spain’s and Dietrich’s went to the Camas Mill & Bakery. Yummy cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.  Coffee for only $1.00? Later we drove to Brownsville, OR for lunch at Kirk’s Ferry Trading Post. The Trading Post was built around an old log cabin originally owner in the family. Lots of history. If ever there, we highly recommend stopping and looking around, then enjoying good food. Afternoon was a time for Bean Bag baseball and Cornhole. Everyone had a great time. Happy hour was followed by a catered dinner of BBQ brisket or chicken or both along with typical western extras. It was agreed that we hold another Oregon Travelers rally in September 2022. And thanks to all for making this a great rally.





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