OH: Buckeye Winnies

The Buckeye Winnies ventured to Deer Meadow Campground in Cooks Forest, Pennsylvania for the August Campout. Those able to attend were as follows: Sandy and Marlin Geesaman, Nancie and Rick Stephenson, Gail Peckham, Charlene and Aaron Zatik, Julie and Len Zevchek, our Wagon Masters Barb and Jim Stewart and Jo Larson. We had guests Andy and Carolyn, Cherry Sabella and daughter Carly Sebella, and Karen Kinser. Friday night the group had dinner at Trails End conveniently located across the street from the campground. The Stephensons did not arrive in time to have dinner with the group but did manage to arrive in daylight! (Well that’s a start!) Back at the campfire Julie Zevchek revealed her “surprise” after telling the “Tale of the Reveal” which consisted of silly emails back and forth with Nancie. Apparently, Nancie pursued legal action to try and get Julie to tell her what the surprise was. Nancie did guess correctly and impatiently waited for her prize. Nancie’s prize was bragging rights for being the person who guessed correctly. Yep, once again, Nancie was a big crybaby and sore winner as she was expecting a gift! Just can’t please some people! All joking aside, the club thanks our very talented and generous Julie Zevchek for making aprons for the Wagon Masters which included paying for all the supplies/costs involved! This was a reveal worth waiting for! (We think Len might have helped too!) Again, a huge heartfelt Thank You from all the Buckeye Winnies! With these new Buckeye Winnie aprons, club members will be fighting to be Wagon Masters!!!!

Three people wearing cooking aprons.

After the big reveal the club enjoyed sweet treats of a variety of cupcakes, s’mores and pie iron pies around a beautiful campfire. The next morning our Wagon Masters had the privilege of being the first Wagon Masters to wear the new Buckeye Winnie Wagon Master aprons! Saturday morning the club was treated to a wonderful breakfast consisting of two different breakfast casseroles, croissants, bagels, coffee and juice. Our Wagon Masters provided window clings to all members. Jim Stewart took his doggies out for an evening stroll with his headlights turned on full beam. Saturday evening the group dined at The Forest Nook Restaurant. A few members have a warrant out for their arrest or are in the witness protection program and had to cover their face or be cropped out of the picture! Oh well, we all make mistakes! 

Group gathered at a table with a few holding menus in front of their faces.

After dinner some members went to Nook Nacs where they were welcomed to spend their hard-earned money on nook nacs. Sunday morning the club enjoyed steel cut oatmeal with an assortment of toppings, fresh fruit and a variety of muffins, croissants, bagels, coffee, and juice.



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