OH: Buckeye Winnies

The Buckeye Winnies had a Spooktacular time camping at Baylor “Haunted” Beach. Those who dared to camp are as follows: Nena and Dan Bauman, Karen Kinser, Jo Larson, Laurie and Walt McClellan, Gail Peckham, Nancie and Rick Stephenson, Barb and Jim Stewart, Kathy and Tom Sutliff, Charlene and Aaron Zatik, Julie and Len Zevchek and last but not least our Wagon Masters Charlotte and Walt Kowalcyk and Kathy Plant. It should be noted that Gail Peckham pitched in at the last minute to help.

People carving pumpkins.

Friday night started off with a light dinner. Following dinner was a movie and popcorn. The Stephensons arrived a little later Friday evening as they had to “drop off some parts” on the way. They refused to explain further. A few campers overheard Nancie yelling at Rick that one of the “parts” got caught in the door. Saturday morning’s breakfast was Goulicious. Most campers were busy in the afternoon carving a jack-o-lantern. The campground was Spooktacular!

Woman in Halloween costume standing on a table.

People in Halloween costumes serving food



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