OH: Buckeye Winnies


Everyone was able to easily find their way to Timbercrest RV Campground due to their new fancy sign! The weather was a bit brisk but that didn’t stop this group of robust campers from having a delightful weekend of good food, sightseeing, games and camaraderie. Friday evening was happy hour followed with dinner at Der Dutchman. Back at camp a sweet treat of cake and ice cream was enjoyed by all. We had a large group of the following campers: Dan Anderson, Sandy and Marlin Geesaman, Jo Ann Larson, Laurie and Walt McClellan, Carol and Al Morrison, Kathy Plant, Dick Radosevic, Julie and Len Zevchek and our Wagonmasters Charlene and Aaron Zatik and Nancie and Rick Stephenson. Joining us Saturday for dinner were Kerry and Jim Weber, Barb and Jim Stewart and guests Fran and Ron Kitchen. 

The room was decorated beautifully for our Buckeye Winnies Thanksgiving Dinner. Dick Radosevic said Grace and everyone enjoyed a delightful Thanksgiving dinner. Sunday morning the room was filled with sunshine which became a little too bright. Len Zevchek decided to make a custom window treatment which did the trick! 

After Sunday breakfast some campers winterized their RV while others prepared for our traditional Buckeye Winnies weenie roast. The weekend proved to be a nice conclusion to this year’s camping season. Hopefully we will see many of our active and honorary members at the Christmas Party scheduled for December 7, 2019.


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