MO: Ozark Winnies

The Ozark Winnies November meeting was held on November 3-6 at Treasure Lake RV Resort in Branson, MO. Several of our members started the meeting a little bit early. Several were well established on a campsite by October 23; Donnelly, Johnson, Mastis, Murphy, Parsons, Robinson, honorary member Bergant and an honored guest. The Anderson’s were also there, but weren’t able to stay to attend our meeting. The week prior to our meeting was spent attending shows, checking out a majority of the restaurants in Branson, attending the Treasure Lake Annual Owner’s Meeting, shopping and enjoying each other’s company. Several evenings were spent with several of the group gathered around the fire of friendship and warmth provided by propane firepits.

Most of the attendees had arrived by Wednesday, November 2. The first organized activity was the annual Ozark Winnies breakfast on November 3. Twenty-six gathered in the Cottrill Building for a scromlette (scrambled egg/omelette) breakfast which was provided by the Ozark Winnies. A variety of ingredients to combine with the eggs were available to choose from. A big Thank You to all who helped with cutting up the ingredients, the cooking and the cleanup. After breakfast, our business meeting was held. Highlights of the meeting: Marva Van Meter was presented with a $50 gift card for her years of using her crafting talents in creating our money raising hats. We voted to end the Winnie-MO-Tasca State Rally fund raising activity. The 2023 officers, President, Judy Eaheart and Secretary/Treasurer, Virginia Reynolds were sworn in. Vice-President, Carlon Huff was unable to attend the meeting.

Marva Van Meter

That evening, thirty hungry people once again gathered in the Cottrill Building for a our annual soup dinner. The chefs were very busy. On the menu were two clam chowders, baked potato and vegetable, broccoli and cheese, white chicken chili, red beans and rice and vegetable soups. Complimenting the soups were ham and cheese sliders, finger foods, shredded cheese, chopped onions, oyster crackers and several desserts. There was no excuse for leaving this meal hungry.

After dinner we held our first (and maybe last?) Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. Even though many knew nothing about how to play the game, most were good sports and participated. Your Secretary/ Treasurer was too cheap to pay for creating a custom bracket, so we were limited to a thirty-two entry bracket. Except for Chip Wallis, who was inadvertently left off of the bracket, everyone who wanted to play was able to. It was a best two out of three match and there was some really heated competition. The champion of the first, maybe annual, Ozark Winnies Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament was Terry Parsons. The runner-up was Gary Reynolds and third place went to Carol Parsons. They were awarded Walmart gift certificates of $20, $15 and $10.

Rock, paper, scissors

On Friday morning twenty-three attended The Doug Gabriel Christmas Show. The Gabriel family is one of the longest running shows in Branson, winning numerous awards over the years. The performers are very talented and put on a very entertaining show.

On Friday evening thirty-two gathered at The Lodge for a catered dinner of turkey breast, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, tossed salad, green beans, hot rolls and butter, apple and cherry cobblers, lemonade and tea. One of the catering personnel, Beverly Wallis, found chair covers and created a very touching tribute to Barb and Rich McConnell, longtime WIT Club, Winnie-MO-Tasca and Ozark Winnies members. Barb also provided our catered meals for many years. After dinner several gathered at the Cottrill Building for games, Five Crown and poker.

On Saturday morning, twenty-five gathered at The Lodge for a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, mixed fruit, juice, milk and coffee. We presented the serving staff with a tip of $127.00. Thank you for your generosity. Saturday evening thirty-one gathered for one last time at the Cottrill Building for our traditional potluck dinner. And once again, there was no excuse for leaving the building hungry. After dinner we played dime bingo. While some went to Silver Dollar City to see the Christmas lights and parade or other venues, twenty-four stayed for the fun and games. This was the first time many had played dime bingo. Some left with more than the ten dimes they arrived with and others left empty handed, but a good time was had by all. Mollie had a really good time. She won twice. But she had to split the pot each time. Bummer. Right Mollie?

Dime bingo

Most of the attendees left on Sunday morning, but a few stayed a few more days. Four couples met at the Grand Country complex for the brunch buffet; although they arrived before brunch time, so they had to settle for a breakfast buffet. Aww!!

We had twenty units represented at our final meeting of 2022. Attending were Blank, Donnelly, Eaheart, Flasch, Johnson, Ludwig, Mastis, Mulvihill, Murphy, Parsons, Reynolds, Robinson, Vinci, Wallis, honorary members Bergant and Van Meter and several guests; the Eggemeyer’s, Alan, Dori, Ellie and Molly, Diane Siracusa and Tad Bero, Susan Petty, Pat Hayes, a friend of Mastis and a special guest.

Before the potluck on Saturday evening, Joy Murphy asked for Carol and Terry Parsons to join her at the front. She presented them with a thank you card and a restaurant gift card for the amount of $100 to recognize the years they have served the chapter. Members in attendance for this meeting donated for this cause. Although this was totally unnecessary, and they must be stressed, the Parsons’ thank you for your thoughtfulness.



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