MO: Ozark Winnies

Our August meeting was held at Treasure Lake RV Resort in Branson, MO. The official meeting date was August 5-7. Several tried to beat the heat by arriving early. How did that work out? Well the earliest arrival experienced temperatures in excess of 100º for several days. Those that arrived closer to the meeting also felt the heat. It may have cooled down a little, but not much. And the heat really put a damper on our normal meeting activities. There was no sitting around someone’s motorhome and catching up on all of the gossip. Everyone was in their own rig trying to stay cool.

The hearty souls that did make it to the meeting were Eaheart, Huff, Ludwig, Mulvihill, Reynolds, Wollin and a guest. The Van Meter’s drove down from Springfield on Saturday. The Eaheart’s and Reynold’s were hosts for the meeting. They took the motorhome back to Bella Vista and returned to Branson in their car. No rental units were available at Treasure Lake, so they stayed at a Best Western. The meeting unofficially started on Thursday evening when Mastis, Wollin, Van Meter and two guests went to Ohana’s Japanese steakhouse in Springfield for dinner. The only activity planned for Friday was a pot-luck dinner. Since it was too hot to eat outside the dinner was held at The Lodge. The use of The Lodge is on a first-come, first-served basis. So Gary and Virginia arrive at 3:45 PM to stake a claim on a space for the dinner. That early an arrival time was apparently not necessary. No one was there and only one group of card players arrived later and weren’t there that long. In other years we have had a pot-luck at The Lodge, that was not the case

After dinner Vice-President Huff led the business meeting. Minutes of the meeting with items discussed and approved will be distributed soon. Because of the heat and having no other activities planned, the Eaheart’s and Reynold’s returned home on Saturday . On Saturday evening the new Billy Gail’s Restaurant in Branson was the place chosen for dinner. Attending were Huff, Ludwig, Wollin and a guest. It sounds like everyone’s meal had enough food for Saturday’s dinner and lunch on Sunday. The weather made this meeting a challenge to have a good time. But this group is flexible. A good time was had in spite of the weather.


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