MO: Missouri Chief Winnies

President’s Message Chris Prinslow

It’s been a busy month for the Chief Winnies with our annual business meeting at the Vivilore Restaurant in Independence, MO. Bobbi and I were sorry that we couldn’t make it to the meeting, but we were enjoying a Mediterranean Cruise at that same time. I understand we had a great turnout for the luncheon with 24 members present. Thanks to Mike and Lynn Farmer for hosting this luncheon! Congratulations on the election of our club officers for 2020 – new President: Bill Walworth, new Vice-President: Glen Commons, and reelected officers: Treasurer: Terry Day, and Secretary: Nancy Colley. What a terrific slate to lead this club next year!

I’ve seen on the Chief Winnies’ Facebook page a couple of posts where Nancy & Kelly Collings and David & Carla Heckert joined the Ozark Winnies for their Halloween Party campout at Treasure Lake. It’s great that we’re able to camp with our fellow clubs and enjoy the fun with them. Looks like they’re our ‘advanced party’ for the Chief Winnies campout at Treasure Lake next weekend! Bobbi and I have had a rather busy month. After the cruise and a visit to her brother’s home in Germany, we had a chance to help our son move houses in Columbus, MS and make a trip to Colorado Springs to cheer for the Army team at the Army v. Air Force football game. We’re anxious to get back home and take the RV out for one last time in 2019 for our November campout at Treasure Lake next weekend.

As we finish up our 2019 camping season and look forward to 2020, I’m excited for this club and all the new and engaged members that have joined our group. Next year looks to be a great year of opportunities for lots of camping. Bill Walworth and I were talking during the KY Caravan about how many members are planning to get away from KC during the winter with a few weeks (or months) in the Rio Grande Valley. We should have quite a large gathering for our Texas winter luncheon on January 29, 2020 at the Longhorn Cattle Company, San Benito, TX. Make sure you contact Rick Kennedy and let him know you’re planning to attend.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our December luncheon on Saturday, Dec 14th at Argosy Casino Buffet in Riverside, MO. We’ll call this our Christmas luncheon and for those that would like to participate, we’ll do a “white elephant” gift exchange. A “white elephant” gift exchange is where each participant brings a gift, you draw numbers and each person goes to the table and selects a gift, they open the gift and it is theirs unless the next person up likes the gift, they can take it from
you. A gift can change hands three times, after that its ‘frozen’. Keep your gift valued less than $20 and it can be a gag gift, a craft, or something that you couldn’t sell at your garage sale. We can have some fun with this. Look forward to seeing everyone at our December luncheon – we’ll hope for good weather!

We’re looking forward to our November campout, the December luncheon and then our Texas winter escape in 2020. Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. Safe travels.


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