MO: Chief Winnies

Our first campout of the year started out with one beautiful day, then turned cold, rainy, and windy. One nice day of sitting outside enjoying the company of our Chief Winnie friends was all that we were given. But that’s okay, we just took the party inside. Rick & Cheri Cordt, who hosted the weekend, Carla & David Heckert, Rob & Michelle Riley, Chris & Bill Walworth, Betsy & Don Wright, and Emily Merchant, all arrived by Friday afternoon. Nancy & Kelly Collings and Jim Rumbo drove their cars out for dinner Friday and came back again Saturday for the day.

Cheri made a really delicious shepherd’s pie for dinner Friday. There were also salads and pies, one to offset the other. Sunday morning we had scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon, cinnamon streusel toast, and pie. We spent the day making puzzles in the clubhouse and playing Mexican Train. Unfortunately, Jim Rumbo has been banned from all future games of Train since other people should occasionally be able to win too. Don & Betsy Wright actually worked in their coach all day since they were getting things ready for their big trip to Alaska this summer.

Saturday evening, we went to dinner at Sinclair’s in Blue Springs, then went back to the park to settle in for the night and get warm. Sunday morning, we had Bill Walworth’s cinnamon coffee cake and pie for breakfast. It was a short trip home for most of us, so we said our goodbyes and look forward to our next time together.

Members at campout


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