MO: Chief Winnies

November Luncheon

Our November luncheon was held at Colton’s Steak House & Grill in Warrensburg. Emily Merchant hosted, and she picked a beautiful place to have a meal. I’d like to go back when the weather is warm and sit outside by the lake listening to music and enjoying some of that butterscotch brandy made next door at Phantom V’s Distillery. Emily, Rob & Michelle Riley, Ann & Charles Lusher, Bill Popa, John & Marcia Whitt, Jim Rumbo, Elva & Vern Windsor, and Bill & Chris Walworth made the drive to Warrensburg, some much farther than
others. There was a great variety of menu options, and everything was delicious. Some of us ordered the flight of brandies to sample the variety of flavors made at the distillery. I think butterscotch won out as the favorite, but cherry and peach weren’t far behind.
Emily is the hostess with the mostess. She gave everyone a bag from the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce filled with maps and pamphlets of things to do and places to go. She also made Thanksgiving sugar cookies for everyone. I think we
need to get her recipe because they were yummy. It was an afternoon of good food and drink, good friends, and warm memories, despite the cold and windy day outside.

Sugar cookie

Thank you, Emily!




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