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Fall is upon us in Minnesota.  The trees are shedding their leaves, the temperatures have been dropping, and the geese can be seen practicing their flying formations.  And the weatherman insists on mentioning that 4-letter ‘s’ word in just about every forecast.  One thing is for certain, Fall will turn into Winter, Winter will turn into Spring, and the 2020 Campout Season will begin.

In April, we’ll head to Pleasureland.  Mac would like a count by April 1st in order to plan for food and electricity.  Watch for details after the first of the year, and please be timely in your response.

I spoke with WIT, and the 2020 Grand National Rally dates have been set for July 13 -17.  Puckerbrush Days will be the weekend leading up to the Rally.  No theme has been set at this point.

For those of you who like an early start at costumes for the State Rally, our theme for 2020 will be the Kentucky Derby.  Start looking for a fancy hat and your jockey outfit!

A couple things on Campouts:  Please be sure to watch for Campout flyers and call the Campout by the deadline.  With Campgrounds getting harder and harder to get into, it’s important to call the campground by the deadline.  You can always cancel if something comes up, but you can’t always get in if you call late.  It’s also important to let the hosts know you are coming, so they can plan for food and any adventures.

We are still looking for someone to host the May Campout with Bill and Dorothy Pomerson.  We will be going to the Freeborn County Fairgrounds in Albert Lea.  Let me or Bernie ([email protected]) know if you’re interested. Hosting is a great way to get involved in your club.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of work.  Just have fun!!

For those of you travelling over the next few months, stay safe.  For those of you staying in the Northland, stay warm!

Jean Schuldt

Winnehahas President

Email Address for President: [email protected]


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