MI: Motor Cities Winnies

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

As the coaches are nestled in for the long wintertime MCW friends gathered for the annual Christmas Lunch and gift exchange at the Carlyle Grill in Ann Arbor on Saturday, December 7, 2019. Lunch was good, but the friendship was better.  Many nice gifts were shared and stolen back and forth. 

This year it appeared Pam Scramlin got her choice gifts stole the most. There were many gifts of chocolates, a Winnebago blanket and Tervis cup, night vision glasses, Xmas tree LED candles, Xmas salt and pepper shakers, Xmas drinking glasses with Xmas tree ice cube trays, Xmas tea towels, soup crocks and soup mix, and 2 wood gifts handmade by Bill Battle one was napkin holder of the upper and lower peninsula and the other one the wood caddy with bottle of wine and 2 glasses.

In attendance were Mike and Leslie Ostyn, Ron and Judy Tackett, Phil and Pam Scramlin, Pete and Jaki Romanchuk, Bill Battle, Bert and Judy Ruth, Steve and Marie VanHart, Jim Rohrborn and Lisa Lutzier, Bob and Bev Garcia, and Jerry and Barb Gibbons. 

The Travel award was awarded to Ron and Judy Tackett for all the help they provided this past year at outings.

Those members that had arrived in Arizona met just before Halloween at Babbos Italian Grill.  Present were Wayne and Marian VanHouten, Skip and Nancy Yates, Ron and Judy Tackett, and past members Larry and Nancy Love.


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