MA: Quinebagos


Quinebagos Local Chapter by Pat Kane

Our annual campout on Cape Cod in Dennisport on May 19th to 22nd, 2022 at Campers Haven did not disappoint! Thanks to Jim Slattery for making the arrangements. Several early birds arrived on Wednesday to enjoy the nice weather. By Thursday evening there were nine coaches in attendance. That evening a group of folks took advantage of being close to great seafood restaurants and went out for an enjoyable dinner. As New England would have it, the weather gave us a run for our money but it didn't stop us. Friday was cool and windy. Folks went shopping, sightseeing by car and motorcycle. Some folks ventured to Provincetown at the tip of the Cape while others went to other areas of the cape. Of course, people found places to eat more seafood! We were on "wedding watch" over the weekend as two different groups who were also at the resort were having weddings. Throughout the day people walked over to the beach to watch the waves. Night brought the really cold weather but being true New Englanders. We donned our winter coats, hats, mittens and even blankets to sit by the fire. There was lots of sharing information about our snowbirds' winter travels and of course talk of future trips.

Group of people gathered near RV and a campfire at sunset

Saturday the fog rolled in over us. Folks wandered from different campsites enjoying the company of their fellow WIT club members. Music was playing and games were played. The fog finally lifted. There was more sightseeing, walking and oh, did I mention eating? Lots of appetizers, desserts and various snacks!! Several folks went to play "candy bingo". We had winners this time around! Miniature golf was played and then we can't forget cooking s'mores on the beach campfire that night. We won't talk about the ones that fell into the sand! We even got to meet the Bride and Groom for a few minutes! Once again, the evening ended at the campfire. Not quite as cold as the night before but still it was "brisk"!! Sunday dawned with perfect spring weather. It was bright sunshine and warm temperature. Why is that usually the case on the day we leave? Until we met again, safe travels!


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