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Quinebagos Local Chapter by Pat Kane

Connecticut and Mass WIT clubs joined together at Ginny B's Campground in Foster, RI for a fun weekend of friendship July 6th to 10th. In addition to our WIT Club members there were two "SOB" rigs partaking in our friendship rally. The weather did not disappoint us. The first early birds arrived on Wednesday while most others came in on Thursday. Friday the last few rigs arrived. All total there were 19 RVs in attendance. Our hosts were Allan and Evy Dean of CT. They planned and executed a perfect weekend! Thanks so much!

Thursday most of the group went for dinner at the adjacent country club. Friday began the "official" campout. Folks spent the day moving from group to group getting to know new friends and catching up with old friends, and exploring the beautiful back roads of Connecticut and Rhode Island. We all met to enjoy delicious appetizers before dinner. After supper we met to sit by the camp fire, or should I say bonfire, thanks to Ray Lemieux, Brian Martel and T Thompson. On Saturday, Chef Allan, complete with his chef hat, started off our day by cooking up a great pancake and sausage breakfast. After breakfast we did what we do so well, sat around chatting, took walks around the campground, explored the local area and even did some shopping.

During the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely ice cream social. There is something special about an ice cream sundae on a sunny summer Saturday afternoon. Promptly at 4:50 pm, motorhome doors flew open and the parade of crockpots started! One after another, folks carefully carried their delicious contributions to our potluck dinner to the communal table. The meal was wonderful and enjoyed by all. Next up of course the campfire. There were marshmallows, laughter, new acquaintances becoming new friends and plans being made for additional camping trips. The campfire is always a magical time. One by one, once the mosquito bites started, folks headed back to their rigs. Yes, there were some hardy souls who enjoyed the fire long into the night.

Sunday morning there was lovely weather to hit the road. Folks headed out one by one to new destinations and looking forward to when we would see each other again.



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