IL: Cardinal Capers

Big Rock Campground in Big Rock, IL was the setting for our recent club gathering.  We had beautiful weather the entire weekend and were able to spend a good deal of time socializing under the pavilion and around the campfire.  Ten rigs with seventeen members and two guests attended along with Dean Johnson visiting for our Saturday evening meal.  Those attending included: Korzuns, Mitchells, Geskes, Esther, Watnes, Frosts, Gastels, Kerry Swift, Claudia and Roelf, and Ann Polson along with her son Troy and his daughter Brixtin, who spent Thursday night, and her daughter Natalie, who visited for the day on Friday.

On Friday, Kerry, Roelf and Claudia spent a few hours floating on the Fox River while some others spent time visiting Big Rock, Hinckley and various area shops and restaurants.  All of us went to dinner Friday night at the Fireside Grill in Sugar Grove and it was delicious and plentiful! Fixin’s for s’mores were available at the campfire with a few giving a roasted date a try thanks to Kerry!  Saturday morning began with boiling water bag omelets for breakfast along with sausage patties, juice and fruit.  It was a rough start but after the water got to a bigger boil, the omelets began to turn out better and better.  (Lots of stress for the Wagon Masters!!)  In the afternoon on Saturday, WIT Bag baseball was a fun time with the guys squeaking out the win.  Ice cream treats were had by all – including a few youngsters fishing by the pavilion.  Following a quick club meeting, we had a happy hour and lots of goodies for our potluck.  Most were too full for pies over the campfire! Sunday morning dawned sunny and bright and we all enjoyed one last meal together before packing up to head home.  A great weekend was had by all!!


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