IL: Cardinal Capers


(submitted by Ginger Gastel)

March already.  Our “snowbird” friends will be heading home soon.  Wish the world was in better condition for all of us, but we’ll just have to learn to tolerate all the changes and guidelines set forth to survive this virus.  We don’t have any up here in Northern IL, but in around Chicago I guess there are some cases.

Nine of the Cardinal Capers flocked to the Alpine View for lunch on Sat., Mar. 14.  It was a dreary day but as soon as we were together the mood took on a happy face as we put the virus on hold and passed out hugs.  Always good to see our friends.  Those attending were the Browns, Gastels, Hellers, Korzun’s and Esther Reding.  As always when we are together there was a lot of sharing of stories, pictures and a whole lot of blarney.  We did a lot of reminiscing about different outings and the shenanigans that went on - - - like when Watnes’ car battery was nowhere to be found.  Such fun memories, with photographs to prove what went on.

The group discussed the Oct. outing at the Rustic Barn in Keiler.  Richard and Tina reported their conversation with the new owners netted no changes in the charges or the required early deposit.  The owners said the decisions were made by the corporate office and there were no changes to be made.  The Korzuns are looking for a new park.  So far, they have not been able to get a hold of Tom’s Campground in Dodgeville WI.  They have left email messages and next step is to send them a letter. They are also going to check on the Palace Campground in Galena.  More info to follow but the Rustic Barn isn’t an option.  If you have made your reservations phone the campground for a cancellation.  They will keep some of the money but better than losing all of it!

See you all April 11 at the Stockholm and don’t forget to call Ginger if you’ll join us!


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