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October’s campout took place at the KOA Galesburg East and was during the Spoon River Scenic Drive Fall festival. Kerry & Leticia Swift hosted the campout. Also in attendance were Barb & Toby, Delores & Jerry, Diane, Jackie and new members, Kathy & Jeff.

Kerry sent the following recap of the weekend’s events: On Thursday evening we gathered around the campfire for Happy Hour, then hot dogs and more.

Friday morning we headed over to Galesburg to see the Lincoln Douglas debate site on the Knox College campus. Lunch was at the Cherry Street Bar & Grill. We then went to the Carl Sandberg historic site and had a guided tour. Upon return, all the ladies made a pumpkin craft furnished by Kathy. Then, we went to Big Catz BBQ for supper. Due to cold temperatures, we passed on the campfire outside and instead played nickels and dimes (a.k.a. left, right, center) in the clubhouse.

Members making pumpkins

Pumpkin Making Craft

Saturday we went to Dahinda, just a few miles east of the KOA. It is nestled in Spoon River Valley and has a nice big railroad bridge as a landmark. After that we headed south to Maquon, where there were lots of garage sale places and some food vendors. Leticia snagged a couple nice homemade coffee cakes for Sunday breakfast. On to London Mills, which was a VERY popular place and rather crowded. For lunch, the Knoxville Fire Station offered a soup lunch. There were lots of local artists and craftspeople were assembled inside the barn. We finished by enjoying some folk music played and sung outside by a talented small group. Potluck supper inside the warm clubhouse. Afterwards, the breeze had died down and we were able to light the campfire to enjoy an ingenious dessert brought by Barb and Toby, “cinnamon bears,” which are biscuit dough everyone roasted on sticks they provided. Take it off the stick, dip it in butter, roll in cinnamon sugar, and you will be happy! To make the evening even more memorable, a full harvest moon rose in the clear skies, with Jupiter alongside.

On Sunday morning it was a little cool outside, but not frosty like Saturday morning. Leticia brought her homemade cranberry pumpkin bread and the two coffee cakes from Maquon. I cut up a fresh pineapple. Barb and Toby contributed hard boiled eggs.

We hope to meet all our new members at an upcoming luncheon or campout next year!


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