FL: Mid-Florida WInnies

Mid-Florida Winnies October Outing
The October campout was very small as we only had 4 RV 's, which meant there were only 8 people until Warner's showed up which made 10.
We had happy hour every day at 4pm. It was nice to talk to everyone each day and decide what we were going to do next.
We had a tour of the NOAA weather station which was very good. One of the people talked about how they checked on the weather and how they sent up the balloon.
One night we had a birthday cake for dessert to celebrate Elaine's 80th birthday on the 12th. Since we were so few people, we all got to sit at the same table in the hall.
Members at birthday party  birthday cake
We went out to eat one day. We had a day of pot luck that turned out very well. The next day we had a spaghetti dinner made by our hosts, the Schilp's.
We went to the Cigar city Brewery for lunch one day.
We never got to have our campfire and s'mores as there were too many mosquitoes.


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