FL: Du-Bol Winnies

November Du-Bol Campout at Lake Park, GA

We arrived on Wednesday greeted by the Proctors and Drusts who arrived just before us.  The Weitzels and Russells came on Thursday.  Eagles Roost is, shall we say a rustic campground with lots of trees and no cable. However, the facilities were fine for the 5 couples who attended, and most of us got satellite TV.  We had our daily happy hours outside, spread out at CDC approved distance, and masked.  Dinners, except for Saturday were in our own rigs.  We gabbed during the day, washed our windows and watched Dave Proctor talk on his phone as he paced around his coach.  15 laps per phone call.  The weather was beautiful, so Ray motored around on his scooter, the Proctors cruised everywhere in their golf cart and Donna walked.

People sitting in camp chairs outside motorhomes.

Jack & Gloria Caffrey, our attentive Hosts, assisted by the Russells, provided a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night, which was catered by The Farmhouse Restaurant.  Tables were decorated with the Dollar Trees finest tablecloths, Glo's themed decorations and of course, positioned 6-8 feet apart.   Dinner was followed by a raucous game of Card Bingo.  Ray Drust won most of the games, and took almost all of the chocolate candy prizes, leaving the PPE (masks and hand sanitizer) for the rest of us. 

People standing among distanced tables.

Our fun filled weekend came to a close on Sunday morning when we pulled our tanks and left an unpleasant odor in the air as we headed south on I-75 for home.  See you all in December at Flamingo Lake. 


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