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January Outing

Group standing distanced slightly from one another in a parking lot.

After everyone had set up camp we had our First Happy Hour at Frank and Diane’s. We tried ordering Pizza Delivery but it seems no one delivers in Ocala although when Bruce and David went to pick it up there were signs saying they delivered. Go figure. Everyone enjoyed the dinner when we finally got to eat it after sundown. We sat the campsite enjoying sharing stories as the temperature slowly descended. Then we headed in for the night. Barbara and Darvin had to walk back and forth to their site as there was a problem with no keys for the car thus they had to be in a pull through but they braved the elements.

Friday morning after breakfast on our own, we had a Poker Run. We answered questions - ok most of the questions- and back at the campsite we compared our hands. Diane, the groups poker shark, checked everyone’s cards and BAD won with a Straight! Corn Hole was practiced by some in anticipation of the upcoming competition. But that contest never materialized due to the falling temperatures made even colder with the wind chill. So some opted for Bingo while others went exploring. We decided to check out the local Polish Restaurant for dinner. They didn’t answer their phone. What a find... truly a Polish restaurant with a wide selection of entrees. Our waiter, owner and chief cook and bottle washer was a treat and did a great job in taking care of us. Dinners were delicious and huge! The desserts were awesome and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Walt. 

Saturday morning was COLD but we enjoyed a pancake breakfast with welcomed hot coffee. The Corn Hole Competition was again on hold due to the cool breezes.  But we enjoyed each other’s company for awhile as we moved about between the campers as a small patch of sun moved with us or us with it. Then the afternoon football and lunch on our own. Happy Hour was in the Club House as it was getting even colder and our old bones were beginning to complain. After we had dinner on our own we reassembled in the Club House some to play Crazy Uno and others to watch a football game or play with their phone. Yes! Spread out and masks on.

Sunday morning we had the Buccaneers traditional Continental Breakfast before breaking camp and heading our separate ways.

Hope to see everyone in February at Lazy Days ‘til then Happy Trails and stay safe.


November Outing

In November the Buccaneer Winnie’s spent the weekend at Blueberry Hill in Bushnell. We had air purifiers and diffusers running the short times we were inside for any reason. Lysol spray and hand sanitizers were in use as were masks. But, despite these CDC guidelines the 16 in attendance had a good time. Our theme this month was taken from Alice in Wonderland.. ‘A Very Merry Unbirthday’ 

Silvia and Julius Sais had come up early and thus greeted us all as we arrived and set up our camps. Friday morning found Walt and Julius cooking pancakes and sausage for everyone’s breakfast. The group spread out our chairs and tables around Julius’s site sharing stories and enjoying seeing everyone again. The day was spent playing cards, dominoes and some corn hole. Some went to tour the area unfortunately finding most sites still closed. We headed across the street for a Mexican dinner. Then back to the campground as they had Bingo. Barbara Sutter and Walt Carroll won door prizes. Barbara Sutter was our only Bingo winner and she did it twice. 

Saturday morning after breakfast on our own we had a group meeting. We discussed, amongst other topics, our plans to help the organization Sleep In Heavenly Peace which supplies beds and linens to children in need. Since we will not have our December Campout it was decided we would take the money each of us would have spent on on teenage gifts for one of our charities and instead buy a ‘Bed in a Bag’ for kids. Hopefully getting some sales after Christmas. Those who couldn’t shop could make a donation and we would do it for them.

The rest of Saturday was spent playing various games and there was a miniature Corn Hole tournament. Lunch was on our own but that evening we gathered for a Pot Luck Supper and Unbirthday cake. As always Winnie cooks had some awesome dishes. All to soon the day was over and we headed back to our campers. Sunday we had our usual Continental breakfast. Ah yes one toaster was broken and so David Wilkie ran back to his unit and brought his up to save the day. After breakfast we broke camp and headed our separate ways. January will be our next Campout in Ocala. December there will be no Campout as many will be going to the memorial for Ted Fumia a Buccaneer Winnie as well as former Florida State WIT President. He will be missed by so many people. RIP Ted Fumia.



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