CT: Nutmeg Winnies

Ken Bly, President, 860-334-5300

On January 11, 2020 12 people gathered at the Outback Steakhouse in Orange, CT for the January luncheon hosted by Beth Knoblach and Larry Warner.

Present was Beth’s granddaughter Kayla and a prospective new member for our club, Harry Dougherty of Meriden, CT.  Everyone ate heartily and visited with the biggest topic the great weather outside of over 60 degrees; very unlikely for our Northeast location, and of course about RV’s.  Some discussion centered around our New England Rally in June of 2020 at Spencer Fairgrounds in Spencer, MA.

Happy to report the Evelyn Dean’s eye infection is all cleared up and Ken Bly is home from physical rehabilitation to finish up at home.

Marcia Sindland, Secretary


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