Club & Chapter Birthdays

Congratulations to all the WIT clubs, chapters, and special interest groups celebrating a birthday this year!

15 Years

TX Nor-Tex Travelers


20 Years

ND Nodak Flickertails


25 Years

CA Chardonnay Travelers

WA San Juanderers

VT Lake Champlain WIT


30 Years

NV Vegas Rollers

CA Fresno Floaters

UT Golden Spike Travelers

Charter Member Club

WIT Singers Club


35 Years

FL Panhandle Winnies

TX Bluebonnet Travelers

TX Lone Star Travelers

NM Road Runners

LA N'Awlins Winnies

OR Cascade Travelers

WA Inland Empire Explorers

WA Rainier Ramblers

NY Seneca Winnies

RI Rhody Winnies

MA Pilgrim Winnies

IA Busy Bee Winnies


45 Years

CA State Club

FL Du-Bol Winnies

MD Chesapeake Winnies

NV Silver State Travelers


50 Years

IA We Wan To Go

IA Winnebago Wheels

FL Caloosa Winnies


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